Fall Fitness Challenge: Week One

Hi everyone!  You may have noticed in Monday’s post that I’ve joined the Fall Fitness Challenge hosted by Nora at Adventures of a Mother-Daughter Running Duo!  The following bloggers have joined up too:


Ariana at HappyLife.HealthyLife | Brandi at Noteworthy Running | Michelle at Fearless Beauty Fitness | Kathy at MamaMarathoner | Diane at Runnin Rocker | Alicia at NeverEverBeenSkinny | Kristin at Exploring Domesticity

The challenge is to do at least 10 minutes of exercise a day.  And I’m excited to report that I did that, although most of it was not “traditional” exercise!

Last Friday:  I RAN through the airport with my coworker to catch our flight to Anchorage!  Plus I spent 45 minutes teaching a mock lesson to my trainers so I think those both count.

Saturday:  I was super sick all day, but managed to get my dance on at Oktoberfest in Alyeska!  There’s a local ska band in Anchorage and they were playing all night.  So much fun!

IMG_3240Fake pretzels are healthier than real ones

Sunday:  I carried the last of our belongings into our apartment, including our bed, 2 dressers, a mattress, and the new sofa that we bought Saturday night.  That is one way to get in an arm workout!

Monday:  Andrew and I went for an hour long walk on the Chester Creek Trail, which is where we learned how crazy pretty it is!

Tuesday:  My first run in Anchorage, which you can learn more about here.

IMG_3255I have a weakness for creekside trails

Wednesday:  Hours of unpacking and more heavy lifting.  I hate moving.  On the bright side, my closet is almost done and it looks awesome!

Thursday:  Another 3 miles on the Chester Creek Trail because you can never have too much of a good thing!


As for my other goals:

1. Get completely moved in to our new place:  Nope.  But I’m hoping by the end of this weekend it will be mostly done!

2. Step up my running game: I ran twice this week which is awesome because I’ve barely run this month at all.  Baby steps here, but I’m thinking I can get in 3 runs next week!

3. Join a gym: I’ve been asking around at work to get an idea of what the gyms here are like.  I’m probably going to start calling places next week, but I just had too much to do in the apartment this week to devote any time to this.

4. Start cooking more: I don’t even have dishes yet, so this one has clearly not been accomplished.  Maybe next week?

5. Go pumpkin crazy!  This one definitely happened!  Out of the 3 pumpkin yogurts I tried this week, Oikos was my favorite!  I will be stocking up on that at Walmart this weekend  🙂  I also tried Quaker Pumpkin Spice oatmeal and it was pretty good, but kind of fake tasting.  I need to try to make my own!


I’m loving this challenge so far because it’s definitely making me more conscious about what I’m doing when I get home from work and clearly I need all the help I can get.  Also, I don’t feel guilty eating pumpkin flavored yogurt every day.  I love fall!  By next week hopefully I’ll meet goal #1, continue to do great with #2 and #5, and start with goals #3 and #4.  Wish me luck!

What are your goals this week?  What’s the best pumpkin thing you’ve eaten in the last week?

13 thoughts on “Fall Fitness Challenge: Week One

    1. Thanks! Yeah we had plans to go out to dinner with a friend even though I was so sick, and I’m glad we went because then I was totally in the mood to keep the night going!

  1. Look at you miss productive! You are all over the place and I love it. Glad to hear your move is going well and you are almost settled. That’s always such a weird feeling when you have been working so hard for so long to get unpacked and then all of a sudden you are. Then you don’t know what to do with all your free weekend time! My goals this week are to spend some much needed time resting and relaxing with my hubby outside before the weather gets too chilly. My favorite pumpkin thing I ate this week were home made pumpkin spice cookies that I made for an event last weekend. Delish!

    1. Oh I can’t WAIT to be done unpacking! My free time is devoted to this until it’s over 😦 Anyways, have fun relaxing this week! And I’m totally jealous of your cookies!

  2. Way to go! I love your pictures of Anchorage. It’s a place I have always wanted to visit! Looking forward to doing this challenge with you!

    1. You should definitely come here sometime! It’s seriously awesome here and we have the best running weather in the summer 🙂 Good luck with the challenge this week!

    1. Oh I know, don’t remind me! I’m a way bigger pumpkin fan than a peppermint fan so I’m going to go hard right now!

    1. Do it! It’s hard at first but so worth it – it’s my way of relaxing after work, especially when I’m running in the woods. Plus fall is the best time to go running!

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