Here’s To New Beginnings!

Hi everyone!  Guess what?  I’M BACK IN ALASKA!  And I’m beyond excited about it, even though it’s in the 40s/30s here!  After a super tearful goodbye last weekend when I left Philly, I was so nervous about being alone in Seattle for a week of training, starting my new job, and dealing with moving into our new place in Anchorage.  And I was pleasantly surprised!  I didn’t cry or feel homesick once in Seattle, and in fact kept my nights busy with running, shopping, and hanging out with friends.

IMG_3229Late night PSL run to the first Starbucks with my old coworker and her sister!

I did pretty well in training and got great feedback on the mock lessons I taught, and I’m now a certified trainer for the teen health program that my company provides!  And although I was sick all weekend, we were able to get everything into our apartment, including our new sofa that we bought yesterday!  And I’m in LOVE with the place!  I mean, check out this beautiful (and snowy) view from our bedroom window!

IMG_3241There will be no indoor pictures until it stops looking like a bomb exploded inside

Now that I’m finally settling in to our permanent life in Anchorage, I’ve got a few goals in mind!  I’ve been talking about a few of these for a while, but during the rest of October I plan to:

1.  Get completely moved in to our new place.  It’s a bit of a mess right now, but I think I can get everything unpacked and organized in the next two weeks, even with my job keeping me busy!

2.  Step up my running game.  Since the Beat the Blerch half, I’ve run only twice!  I’ve been super busy, stressed, and overheated in the crazy 80 degree “fall” weather down in Philly, but now I’ve got a lot of running to make up for!  My goal is at least 3 times a week until it’s time to start training for my half marathon in March!  And I’m hoping I can get brave enough to join up with the Skinny Raven Sports Pub Run on Tuesdays!

3.  Join a gym.  I weighed myself at home, and the results were not pretty.  The combo of eating all my old favorite foods and not exercising was not good.  Since moving to Alaska I’ve gained 10 pounds, and I need to get back down to my Lower 48 weight!  Since it will be harder to run outside starting in November/December once it’s dark and snowy outside, this will ensure that I can always get a run in.  And some of the gyms here even have classes I can take, which will keep things fun!  I’m going to try to see if I can find a place that offers yoga or barre classes!

4.  Start cooking more.  I’m so excited to FINALLY have our own kitchen, and it’s got room for lots of cooking – including space for my Kitchen Aid mixer!!!!  I didn’t have that in Philly!  So I’m going to start cooking more and eating out less so that I can be healthier.  I think my crock pot is going to be my new BFF as the weather gets colder!

5.  Go pumpkin crazy!  It may look like late fall here (especially with the snowy mountains in the background) but I’ve still got time to eat as much pumpkin stuff as possible!  I feel like drinking PSLs in 35 degree weather makes more sense than 85, so it’s not that hard to get excited!  And after reading Scoot A Doot’s Pumpkin Yogurt Throwdown, I’ve got some good places to start!

IMG_3242I am SO excited for lunch tomorrow!

 And to help me reach some of my goals, I joined up with some amazing bloggers for a Fall Fitness Challenge!  It’s hosted by Adventures of A Mother-Daughter Running Duo and I’m pretty excited because that was one of the first blogs I ever started following when I started blogging one year ago!  Nora and her mom are posing a challenge to do some kind of fitness activity for at least 10 minutes per day.  Since I’m hoping to get back into shape, I’m really excited about starting the challenge!  Technically, I spent 2 hours doing heavy lifting on Sunday so I’m off to a good start.


I’m excited to get this blog back to its fitness and running roots!  Every Friday we’ll spend some time talking about what we did each week and I’m looking forward to the extra motivation to meet my goals.  Wish me luck!

Do you belong to a gym?  What do you look for when joining one?  Have you ever joined a running club without knowing anyone?

14 thoughts on “Here’s To New Beginnings!

  1. How jealous am I that you actually found the Yoplait Pumpkin Cheesecake? VERY. I hope it’s amazing! I’m in the middle of trying a million pumpkin recipes for a post next week, some of which would go nicely with that Kitchen Aid 🙂

    Good luck on your new journey!

    1. I’m trying that one tomorrow! The Oikos one was INCREDIBLE!!!!! I got them all at Walmart so you should check that out! And I wish I was hanging out in your kitchen because pumpkin recipes sound awesome!

  2. Welcome back! Looks like you are in walking distance to Middle Way Cafe (a few blocks away, next to REI). If you are looking for a good gym try Powerhouse/Anchorage Athletic Club on the corner of 9th and Gambell. It has a way better vibe than the snooty and expensive Alaska Club, although Alaska Club does have a women’s only gym to keep creepers away. Anyway, glad you are back in the state!

    1. I am definitely like a block away from there! And that cracks me up about the Alaska Club having a women’s only gym! When I interviewed there for a job I was super impressed with how nice it was but I could tell it must cost a fortune to go there! I’ll have to see which gym has the most classes available after work so thanks for the suggestions!

    1. Thanks! That will definitely be helpful. There are very few gyms here (although they do have a Planet Fitness so there’s always that) but it will still be tough finding a place where I fit in.

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