Seattle is For Hill Lovers

Hi everyone!  I’m now officially two days into my training and loving Seattle so far!  This might sound weird to people, but Andrew and I have been together for so long (over 8 years!) and I forgot what it’s like to live alone!  I can chose to eat whenever/whatever I want, can plan out my evenings without thinking about anyone else, and can stay up late in bed reading blog posts without bothering anyone.  And I’m loving that it’s in such a fun city!  Seattle is having gorgeous (and slightly hot and humid) weather right now and I’ve been trying to take advantage of it while I can.  Especially since my husband texted me a picture of the snowy mountains back in Anchorage!

Since I have all this alone time after work, I decided to make sure I explore Seattle a lot since I’m so close to the downtown area.  And the best way for any runner to explore a new city is by going for a run!  So on Monday night I had a fabulous dinner (at Chipotle of course) and then went back to my hotel to change before walking down to the waterfront for a 3 miler.  As I walked down there, the hill got steeper and steeper.  I was seriously dreading getting back up that thing!  Once I got down to the flat area by the sound, I ran past the market area, all of the piers, and finally out to a cute park that had amazing sunset views of the sound and the mountains!


At that point I realized that I was going to have to run back up that hill at some point, so I took off toward the Space Needle.  Selfies were taken of course.



After getting up there, it was pretty dark out and running uphill was starting to make me feel sick, so I ended my run by staying on flat and busy 3rd Ave.  It was pretty populated and I didn’t really feel worried, although I did have people cat calling me and homeless people shouting (at me?  or other people?) as I ran by.  I’m not used to that after my summer in Seward!  By some amazing miracle 3 miles happened right before I had to go up the big hill leading to my hotel, so I was able to walk up it instead of run.  On the way up I was passed by a guy that I saw running down by the waterfront, and it made me think about how awesome I would be at hill running if I lived here!  Even the walks to and from training have been awesome exercise and I feel like any race I ever run in this city will be super hard!

In other news, job training is going really well!  It feels so awesome to be preparing lessons and learning how to teach again, although teaching sex ed is very different from what I did as a student teacher!  I got through our first mock lesson today with no issues so I’m excited for the next 3 days of training which will be spent getting familiar with the specific curriculum that I’ll be using with my teen groups!  The highlight of training so far was learning that there is a killer donut/coffee shop down the street from my hotel and that they have pumpkin spice everything!  I’m not sure if I can expense that kind of thing, but you better believe that I’ll be there every day until I fly out!


Now that I’ve been on one run in Seattle, where else should I run in the Downtown/Capitol Hill area?  Is there any food I need to try before I leave?

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