Back On The West Coast!

Hi everyone!  So I’m officially back on the west coast!  Sunday was a pretty crazy day – I drove from State College to Reading to pack my suitcases (the checked bag obviously can’t be over 50 pounds so that was fun to do), dropped Andrew off with his sister, and then had a really tearful goodbye with my parents at the Philly airport before flying out to Seattle for a week of job training!  I’ve never flown alone and I’m terrified of planes and get really bad ear pain so I’m pretty impressed I handled it as well as I did.  And it was worth it, because I had a town car waiting for me at Sea-Tac and it took me to my amazing hotel that’s a 10 minute walk from Pike Place Market/shopping and a 25 minute walk from my training!  Looks like I’ll be doing a ton of walking this week and I’m really excited because the weather looks awesome!  Oh, and my hotel is super vintage and awesome and my room is legitimately bigger than our apartment in Anchorage.   It has a bedroom….


…and a living room!  And a separate kitchen too!


My new job training starts Monday and while I’m excited, I’m super nervous too!  I will obviously not be working at this branch so it’s not like I’m meeting my coworkers yet, but I’m meeting all the important people in HR and I definitely need to make sure they like me so I can keep my job!  It’s going to be an interesting week but I’m looking forward to spending time downtown, going for some runs hopefully, and eating my last Panera and Chipotle before I fly back to Anchorage on Friday afternoon!

In other news, I spent the weekend as a bridesmaid in my best friend’s wedding in State College and it was awesome!  The reception was in a barn 40 minutes away and it was beautiful, but COLD.  Imagine being in a strapless, knee-length dress in an unheated barn and it’s 39 degrees outside.  Out of all the warm days we’ve had since I came home, it had to be on the first day that it got cold!

IMG_3177The view was awesome but this picture does not convey how chilly it was!

 The most annoying part was that everyone was like “You’re from Alaska, how are you cold?”.  Well first of all, I’m not FROM Alaska and you know that because you went to high school with me.  Second, it’s not like people wear short dresses and flats around Anchorage when it’s cold out and don’t feel cold at all.  Give me some pants and boots and I’ll feel a lot better!  But it was totally worth it just to see how happy the bride and groom were.  She was my maid of honor at my wedding, so I was so happy to be able to be part of her special day too!

At both weddings, we made sure to do our signature pose while getting ready:



And then got a little silly after we were married:




It’s so much fun to watch your best friend get married!  We’ve been friends forever so I wouldn’t have missed it, even though we live so far away from each other!  I’m excited to be ending this post on a warm and fuzzy note.  Stay tuned for updates from my week in Seattle and hopefully I’ll be able to finally blog about some running stuff again!

What are the best places to run in downtown Seattle?  What’s the silliest thing you’ve ever done at a wedding?

8 thoughts on “Back On The West Coast!

    1. I really did start to worry when I couldn’t feel my feet anymore! Dancing only helped warm me up a little. It was crazy. The wedding was beautiful though and it was worth dealing with the cold!

    1. Thanks! And yes, distance couldn’t have kept me from that wedding! I’m so glad I was able to make it!

  1. You ladies look so pretty on your wedding days! I always love the drive to State College in the fall- it;s so beautiful! I guess you did not get to run in the Yuengling Oktoberfest race? I didn’t either 😦 Well, good luck this week with job training and staying on the good side of HR! lol

    1. I’ve only been there once before and it was in the summer so I really enjoyed the view! I had to change my flight to make my training in Seattle so I had to skip the race 😦 And I’m sad because the weather was perfect for a fall race!

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