Hanging Out in The Lower 48

Hey everyone!  After racing on Saturday and resting on Sunday, I spent a day visiting some fun touristy places in Seattle!  I’ll be heading back to Seattle from October 5-10 for training for my new job, but we couldn’t resist fitting in some fun times before flying to Philly!


IMG_3022Iced PSL at the very first Starbucks.  They spelled my name right!!!

IMG_3025The view from Queen Anne Hill


IMG_3036Selfie with the Freemont Troll!

Now that I’ve gone from small-town Seward back to a big city, I’m noticing some things:

  • I haven’t had cable since April, and wow are there a ton of Alaska shows on TV now.  Spoiler alert:  most of those shows don’t represent what it’s really like in Alaska.  The people from Alaska: The Last Frontier live near a town that’s bigger than Seward.
  • Taylor Swift’s new song is awesome!  The things you miss when you don’t have a radio station in town that plays new songs!
  • Traffic is terrible.
  • I will never get sick of Chipotle.
  • PSLs taste so much better when you buy them at a real Starbucks instead of the only Starbucks in town AKA the one inside Safeway.
  • Gas is 20 cents cheaper in Seattle than in Anchorage.  And it’s 50 cents cheaper in Philly!
  • I can no longer run at night unless I want to get murdered.  And the sun sets an hour earlier down here  😦

But honestly, it’s nice to be back down here enjoying all of the things that I won’t have up in Anchorage.  And now for the best news ever:  I’M BACK IN PHILLY!!!!  Until October 5!  I’m so happy to be back with my family again!  And I’m going to eat all of my favorite old foods and shop at all the stores we don’t have up there.  TJ Maxx, get ready because I’m going to buy everything you have.  And the employees at Wawa will know me by name after only a few days.  I CAN’T WAIT!  Also, prepare for tons of pictures featuring this fabulous cuddle bug:

IMG_3045Bella helped me write this blog post

We have spent hours cuddling already – I’ve missed her so much!  We won’t be able to bring her back to Alaska so I’ve got to squeeze in as much cuddle time as possible.  I’m so happy that she remembered me after all this time apart!

If you only had a short amount of time in your hometown, what would you do?

6 thoughts on “Hanging Out in The Lower 48

  1. RIGHT when I started following your blog, I also found Alaska State Troopers on TV and was obsessed! My bf’s like WHAT is this recent obsession with Alaska?! I seriously love that show tho. It’s like cops mixed with crazy outdoor conditions! Plus SO many of the little villages don’t have local police or anything. It’s crazy!!

    Taylor Swift’s new song:YES! HAVE YOU SEEN THE VIDEO? Hilarious!! (The video to “All About the Base” is really cool too). I can’t believe they don’t play new songs on the radio up there!! Can you get IHeart Radio or something?? You can listen to Q102 on there from anywhere!

    Have a Happy home-vacation! Since we are from the same hometown, I would def. do a trip to the Pagoda (for old time’s sake) and go to the New York Bagelry (my fav.) aaaaannnndddd go to this corn maze because it’s GREAT. and fun. and very Pennsylvania-y. : http://www.cherrycrestfarm.com/Activities/The-Corn-Maze/
    Field of Screams too,maybe? Sorry I’m full of ideas today haha

    1. Okay I love Alaska State Troopers! When we had access to a TV during our anniversary trip we watched that for a while. They came to Seward in one episode!

      I definitely need to watch those videos! Anchorage luckily has a few radio stations that play new music, but Seward didn’t so I never really got to hear new songs! But I probably should get IHeartRadio too!

      Haha I forgot you’re from here! I’ve never been to that corn maze, I will definitely check it out! I don’t think they have that stuff up in Alaska!

      1. Ya I was so excited when they went to Seward! It was for that huge 4th of July fest! So awesome to watch it on TV and then get to read about your personal experience with it. Oh and I just realized that the Cherry Crest Farm where that corn maze is has these amazing Apple Cider doughnuts. I’m sorry & your welcome lol

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