Alaskan Running Scavenger Hunt – Seward Edition

Hi everyone! Although summer has come and gone in Alaska (it legit looks like October up here with all the colorful leaves!), I can’t help but write one more post about running in Seward this summer. Up here in Alaska, you often see some crazy stuff while running. I’ve been seeing some cool posts throughout the summer for running scavenger hunts (this was a big one), and I never feel like I can participate because we don’t have a lot of stuff that normal towns have! A traffic light might be a regular sight on your runs, but I’m hours away from the nearest traffic light! So I’d like to invite all of you to participate in an Alaskan running scavenger hunt. I challenge you all to find the following items on your next run:



The ocean


A moose




A train, AKA our main mode of transportation other than cars


A glacier


An eagle




If you see any of these on your next run, take a picture/selfie and tweet it at @RunAwayWithKK! I want to see what you guys come up with!  Once I’m all settled into our new place in Anchorage (which we’re still trying to figure out, talk about last minute!) I’ll be sure to try out a normal scavenger hunt since it’s definitely a real city!

What unique sights do you see while running?  Have you seen any of these things on a run this summer?

19 thoughts on “Alaskan Running Scavenger Hunt – Seward Edition

  1. Can I substitute cow for eagle? Horse for salmon? Sheep for moose? I could see a train. Boat might be possible if it’s on a trailer. I’d have to substitute dry stream for ocean. Sadly glacier would not be possible. It’s California and with the drought we’re having, I’m lucky to see water much less its frozen cousin.

  2. lol PA mountains will look like little rounded hills compared to those things!!! I’ve def. been seeing lots of eagles.. or are they hawks?! oh geez… My unique things: turkeys and miniature horses. 😀

  3. Moose. Are. My. Favorite!
    I would die of happiness if I ever saw one on a run. Alas, the streets of Chicago suburbia probably aren’t the place to locate one. Bummer, dude.

    1. Well that’s actually lucky for you because they’re really scary! They are HUGE and will definitely try to kill a runner who gets close to their babies! I do like them from far away (and when I’m in a car)!

  4. I don’t think anything I will see on my run will compare to yours! I did see 6 turkeys on my long run last week!

  5. I can only imagine how beautiful the scenery is up there for you. Part of me is totally jealous and wants to move there now. I don’t see anything like that on my runs thanks to lots of concrete and people. Any chance I get I love running in more secluded areas, it makes the run feel more productive in my mind. Good luck with your move!

    1. Do it! It’s super fun! But running in the woods is kind of scary up here since there are bears and moose. I felt safer running back in Ridley Creek State Park more than the trails up here!

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