Planning My Next Big Race!

Hi everyone!  I hope you all had a fabulous weekend!  This time next week Andrew and I will be moving out of Seward and will be on a plane to Seattle to visit his dad!  I can’t believe our time here is almost over!  I think we were all a little sad at work today just thinking about how little time we have left.  We’re hoping to have some more last minute adventures here while also trying to nail down job stuff, find an apartment, and pack up all of our stuff!

In much more exciting news, I’ve FINALLY registered for that half marathon I’ve been hinting about for the past few weeks!  It was a tough choice considering how many amazing races are out there, but after seeing the pictures from this one I knew I had to run it ASAP.  And in typical Kristen fashion, I waited until there were only a few hours left of early bird pricing to finally register!  My first half marathon of 2015 will be:



I am so excited to be running the Zion Half Marathon!  Our plan is to fly into Phoenix, drive to the Grand Canyon (I’ve never been there!), drive to a few national parks in Utah, and then end up in Zion for some hiking and running before flying out of Vegas!  I plan on joining the Angels Club, and maybe even the Trifecta?  No matter what, I am so excited to cross Utah off my 50 states list and get to see a part of the country I’ve never been to before!  And I’m so happy that I won those free Alaska Airline miles so that I can do this much cheaper than usual!  As for how to train for a March half marathon in Alaska…I may need to get a gym membership so that I can get my long runs done no matter how deep the snow is!  I’m sure you’re excited to hear every grueling detail  🙂

Have you ever run a race in Utah?  Any advice for a first timer at Zion National Park?  Who wants to run this with me?

16 thoughts on “Planning My Next Big Race!

    1. Do it! At least go to the website and check it out. Once I watched the video of last year’s race recap I was ready to sign up!

  1. Yayyy!! So impressive (looked at the course map). It is going to be beautiful. I do not have anything in mind for Utah yet for 50 states, I’ll look fwd to reading about your experience there in March (I am sure it will help me make a decision for the future haha).

    1. I hate that it’s uphill the whole time, but it sounds like it’s not technically hilly and maybe I won’t notice 🙂 If I just set the treadmill to be on an incline the whole time I should be good, right?

    1. It doesn’t particularly look hilly, but it is slightly uphill the whole time. But I’m counting on the scenery distracting me from my pain!

  2. I’m so jealous! I was seriously considering doing Zion too. But I’ve opted out because we’re working our butts off to pay off our mortgage which means no vacations that aren’t within driving distance. Booo.

    1. Boo! I almost didn’t sign up because we seriously have no money, but I know I will be traveling to at least 1 race next year and I couldn’t resist this one. Plus I managed to win those airline miles so I had no excuse not to use them on this!

      1. Haha do it!!! Watch the race recap video from last year, it made me want to sign up right away!

  3. Looks like so much fun! You’ll LOVE the Grand Canyon! I was there a few years ago and even when you’re there it’s like it’s not real. I want to do a destination race too… but that race is just before finals 😦

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