Friday Five: Race Day Rituals!

Hi everyone! It’s Friday again and time for the linkup with Eat Pray Run DC, You Signed Up For What?!, and Mar on the Run. This week we’re talking about race day rituals! I think that every runner has their own routine on race day and it’s always fun seeing how each person prepares for a race! My next half marathon is a little over 2 weeks away, and I can already tell what I’ll be doing on race day!

20140309-224855.jpgRacing towards the finish (in the blue shirt and shoes) during my one and only 8k race!

1. I don’t sleep very well the night before the race. No matter how prepared I am for the race, I still can’t help how nervous I get! I’m usually a mess the day before and find it hard to sleep through the night. It’s a combo of excitement and nerves, and I’ve never run a race without it!

2. I only eat oatmeal for breakfast. If it’s not broken, don’t fix it! Brown sugar cinnamon oatmeal is my only choice for race day breakfast (and for pre long run fuel too!)

3. I pay way too much attention to my Garmin. I start it super early so that I’m ready to cross the start line, I check my pace every mile and attempt to do math in my head, and I’m always turning it off right as I cross the finish. You know you’ve got those Garmin finish line pictures too!

4. Eating is an actual event. I always start off slow with a banana, chocolate milk, and a bagel until my stomach calms down. But my post-race lunch is always epic! My post-race meals have consisted of everything from pancakes (Disney Princess) to milkshakes (Hershey 10k) to amish-style chicken pot pie (Kris Kringle 5 miler). Back in Philly I almost always ate a breakfast sandwich from Wawa, but here in Anchorage I’ll have to come up with a new post-race food ritual!

5. I start planning my next race as soon as it’s over. No matter how hard a race was, I’m usually researching my next race less than 24 hours later. What can I say, I’m totally addicted to races!

20140413-234618.jpgAnd obviously I wear my race medals all day too!

What are your race day rituals? What is your most epic post-race meal?

39 thoughts on “Friday Five: Race Day Rituals!

  1. The sleep varies – especially in a hotel – so I try to get especially good sleep in the days prior. With you on the “start the Garmin early, obsessively check” – I had one race where my old one only got signal right before the start, very nervous-making. Happy Friday!

    1. That has happened to me too and it’s the scariest moment ever! They need to make these Garmins find a signal faster!

    1. So I actually kind of understand this. I’m never particularly starving after a long race and would rather sleep, but my husband makes sure that I eat something before I sleep. And since I’ve burned so many calories, I always try to make it a really big yummy meal! But yeah, resting is all I really want to do!

  2. What are your race day rituals? What is your most epic post-race meal?
    I always have either pb and toast or nothing depending on the length of race. I wear the same black racing skirt to every race. I don’t sleep well before my races either. I have fetteccini alfredo for lunch and sushi for dinner the night before and then I follow my race, when I can final eat, more sushi:)

    1. Now that I think about it I totally wear the same black capris at every race. I guess if it’s comfy enough it becomes a ritual! I’ve still never tried sushi, maybe I’ll do that after my next race!

      1. i’m superstitious so if I do well in a specific item I try to stick with it until I have a horrific race….

        my body now craves sushi before and after race… I’m actually craving it now as I type this…

  3. I always have oatmeal, too!
    And every time I try to remind myself to hold off on turning the Garmin off, but I just can’t help it! Lots of turning-the-watch-off finish line photos!

    1. Oatmeal is the best! And yeah, they’re all ruined by my Garmin. But I really want to know the exact time I stop running!

  4. I check my Garmin pretty obsessively too. Then, I got a finish line picture of me looking at my watch and that was it. Now I mentally tell myself to stop looking at the damn watch lol!

    1. Haha I wish I could stop! My only free finish line photo was ruined by my Garmin but I don’t know if I can resist turning it off right away next time!

  5. Sounds very similar to my race day ritual! I like french toast or pancakes for breakfast and I never sleep well the night before either. I do the same thing with my watch and I track on my phone for extra confirmation. I’m all about any kind of post running meal but I usually go to epic portions post race.

    1. Wait french toast before a race? That sounds awesome! I may need to try that before my next long run to see if it will work in a race! And yeah, all my post race eating is epic!

  6. I never ever sleep well before I race either. My mind is just too excited for a pesky thing like sleep. 😉

    1. I hate that! I’m always too nervous and I’m obsessing over forgetting something or oversleeping. I was almost late to a race once, I don’t ever want to do that again!

    1. I’m jealous that you sleep well! And if you get a Garmin, prepare to be messing with it before and after the race and have it ruin pictures for you. But yeah, I totally love mine!

    1. Yes it’s the best! It keeps me full throughout my race (although obviously I have to fuel during the race too, but I’m never starving). Definitely try it before your next long run!

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