Try New Things Tuesday: EveryMove

Hi everyone!  It’s time for another Try New Things Tuesday!


A few weeks ago I was given the opportunity to try out the new EveryMove app through my Sweat Pink ambassadorship.  All I knew about the app was that it tracked your workouts, and at the time I was kind of all over the place with working out regularly and decided that I’d take a chance and review the app to see if it helped me stay on track.  And I’m really glad that I did!  I’m the kind of person who loves seeing progress and checking off my accomplishments, so workout tracking apps are really motivational for me.  FYI, I was given this opportunity to review EveryMove but all opinions are my own.


EveryMove is a workout tracking app, but it’s so much more than that.  For every active thing that you do, you earn points towards real rewards.  You can choose from a bunch of different options, and as you add workouts it shows your progress towards your next reward!  You also move up in levels and gain points that you can give away to friends for being active.


To add an activity, it’s really simple.  You can choose from a long list of activities including ones that aren’t super common, like housework, shoveling snow, and playing with children.  When people do those things they’re being active, so it’s great that they count towards an active day on this app!  You then put in how long you did it, and depending on the activity they’ll ask you a few more questions.  For each hike I did they asked for the length and elevation gain.  It remembers past activities you’ve logged so that you can find them quickly each time you need to add an activity.


I love using my RunKeeper app, but it only shows the runs that I do and doesn’t account for all of my hiking.  I thought that using EveryMove meant that I would have to stop using RunKeeper, but it turns out that EveryMove will connect with your other apps and devices to keep all of your workouts in one place!  I guess that’s why it’s called “every move”!


I can then go back into the app at any time and see all of the activities I’ve done.  It’s a great way to stay accountable and look back on my workouts over the past week!



Every time I earn points or go up 1 level, it lets me know so that I have the chance to get excited about my activities.  It even sends me emails letting me know how I’m doing, and gives me goals for next week.  I love setting goals so I enjoy the challenge this app gives me!



So what do I think about the EveryMove app?  I give it a 3 out of 5!

What I liked:

  • Being able to keep track of my workouts in an easy way.
  • Getting rewarded with points that translate into real-life rewards like discounts to products and dollars towards charity.
  • The fact that it connected to other apps that I use and I didn’t have to re-input information.
  • The app set reachable goals for me and motivated me to reach them.
  • I can look back on all the activities I’ve done in the past, and even see stats like how many miles I’ve run and how many total hours I’ve been active!

What I didn’t like:

  • The rewards, while being an awesome perk, are mostly discounts on products that I won’t use.  It would be more motivating if I got a discount to a product I really like and will actually buy.
  • I didn’t like how it asked me where I did my workout, but had only a few options for locations and didn’t let me add any.
  • It’s very friend-focused, and wants you to share points with your friends when you’ve had a good workout.  Sadly, I don’t have any friends that use this app so that part is pretty useless to me!

Overall I will keep using this app so that I can keep tracking both my hikes and my runs in the same place.  If you’re interested in trying out the app, check it out at EveryMove or on twitter at @EveryMove.  It’s available for free for both iPhones and androids.  And hey, if you get it let me know so that I can have a few friends on there!

Do you track your workouts?  What apps do you love to use?

10 thoughts on “Try New Things Tuesday: EveryMove

  1. I’m always trying new run tracking apps, and for the moment I’ve settled on Runtastic Pro, but I don’t use anything really to track other stuff. I may give EveryMove a try. I’ll let you know!

    1. I always want to try new ones too! I might take a look at Runtastic, I’ve heard good things about it!

  2. It seems like there are so many fitness apps out there! It is a bummer that the prizes were not very good. If there were awesome prizes, that would really be extra motivation to get moving!

    1. Well, some people might like them. But for me I couldn’t really find anything I was interested in. I guess technically that’s not the point of the app, but I didn’t really care as much about getting new points as I probably should have since I didn’t care about using them!

  3. Very cool review! I have been using EveryMove for awhile but there were some issues that I had with it and I kind of set it aside. It looks like they have been making some improvements! Maybe I need to check it out again!

    1. They did update the app, which might be why they asked for reviews. It’s not bad because I’m so lazy about tracking stuff and this made it easy!

  4. I’m def. going to try this app! I love “Map My Ride” I think they also have it as “MapMyRun” but you can change the activity to whatever you’re doing. I hate running with my phone though so logging my workouts is always where I fail 😦

    1. I always run with my phone because I’m paranoid something is going to happen to me and I’ll need to call for help! Otherwise I probably wouldn’t track any workouts at all haha.

  5. Kristen, you said you have no friends on EveryMove, add me (Darryl Scroggins)
    Also, choose a charity. I’ve earned $38 for Make-A-Wish and about $12 for Fred Hutchinson Cancer. The charities available sometimes change but I think they always have one 🙂

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