A Running Tour of Seward!

Hi everyone!  I feel like it’s been a while since I posted anything about Seward, and let me tell you:  I’m still just as in love with living here!  I can’t get enough of all the beautiful scenery and constant humidity-free weather.  Recently while running I realized that while I do mid-run selfies from time to time, not many of you know what my usual 3 mile running route through the town of Seward actually looks like, or what the entire town looks like for that matter.  So here’s a little tour of Seward that I’ve compiled over the course of the summer to give you a chance to see Seward through my running shoes!

First, I step outside the bunkhouse and head towards town.  There’s not always a rainbow FYI  🙂


After crossing the “highway” aka a 2 lane street that’s busier than all the others, I walk down to 4th Ave where I officially start my run!  This old train car is a restaurant/hotel/bike rental store that marks the start of town.  It’s coincidently across the street from the train station.


Right away, I’m running along the harbor.  I see this view from my window at work every day, but I will never ever get sick of it.  This particular view is from the start of the boardwalk, and you can run along here for a few blocks!


Speaking of work, here’s my office!  Running into the harbor area means that I have to dodge lots of cars, tourists, and yummy smells coming from all of the restaurants.  As you can see there’s a line of tourist shops here and it gets pretty busy.


On the way out of the harbor I get to run past Kenai Fjords National Park headquarters.  I still think it’s so cool that I live on the edge of a national park and get to help visitors see it every day!


Fun fact: the state flag was designed here in Seward by a 13 year old boy back in 1959 when Alaska became a state! That’s basically its claim to fame, along with the Mt. Marathon race.


After all the distractions of the first .5 miles, it’s time for me to turn onto the bike trail that runs along the edge of Seward.


For the rest of mile 1, I run through the waterfront RV park.  This picture was taken a while ago – it’s constantly packed now!  Usually by the time I’m running at night most people are sitting by their campfires so I have the trail all to myself.


This part of my run is the best chance of seeing the wildlife in the bay.  I’ve seen lots of bald eagles and seals here, but the most common thing I see on this part of the route is sea otters!  The picture below is super tiny, but the black spot in the middle of the water is one of three sea otters that I saw that night!


Once I get to the end of town, the RVs are all gone and I have a view straight out to the Gulf of Alaska!  This part of my route is so beautiful and peaceful.  I love listening to the waves crash on the beach and smelling the ocean air!


Eventually Seward ends and I start to head back into town.  Seward’s main attraction, the Sea Life Center, is located right on the end of town.  It’s a small aquarium where a lot of marine animal research goes on.


I always skip over 4th Ave. on the way back so my route technically isn’t a perfect loop.  Why?  It’s filled with restaurants, bars, and tons of tourists.  Not what I really need in the middle of a run!


When I run back towards the bunkhouse, I have to run up a long gradual hill.  But it just makes the way down even faster so I can’t complain.


In the last .5 miles of my run I get to run on a boardwalk along the lagoon.  I can usually see salmon and ducklings in the lagoon so it keeps me distracted when I’m feeling tired!


Once the lagoon ends, my run does too!  I love ending with such a pretty view!


I always have time for a post-run selfie on the edge of town though  🙂


As you can see, Seward is small but pretty!  I love that I can step right outside my room and start running – I never felt safe enough to do that at our place in Philly.  And I especially love that there are quite a few nice routes around the bunkhouse so I can vary my routines if I want to run hills, trails, flat road, etc.  No matter where I’m running in town I can’t help but be blown away by how amazing it is that I’m running in Alaska!  I love it here and I’m so excited to get to know my new running routes in Anchorage too!

Do you have a “usual” route that you run in your town?  What’s the most beautiful/exciting thing that you see on your usual route?

15 thoughts on “A Running Tour of Seward!

  1. So beautiful! I’m lucky to live in a city that has a really well-maintained bike path along the shoreline of Lake Champlain, so I get gorgeous lake and maintain views on my every day runs!

    1. That sounds awesome! I love bike/running trails, especially when they’re long. It means I don’t have to mentally think about my route in the middle of a run or deal with traffic. I totally want to see pictures of your trail!

  2. My usual route through my neighborhood isn’t all that exciting, but sometimes I run on Austin’s hike and bike trail along the lake, and it’s much more scenic.

    1. That’s awesome! I love running along water, most of my favorite routes back in Philly were on a lake/creekside trail.

    1. Haha yeah we actually get those a lot since we have a lot of rain that randomly turns to sunshine! I couldn’t resist using that picture haha.

  3. Gorgeous run route you have!! Mine usual route has 2 cow farms and a miniature horse farm! It smells a bit in some places but it is so pretty : )

    1. Thanks! Yours actually sounds really awesome! I grew up near a rural area with lots of farms and cows so I think that type of thing is so pretty. Except yeah, it totally smells in the spring!

  4. That is a beautiful route! It is awesome that you get to see so much beautiful scenery and such great wildlife! I would love running by the water!

    1. Thanks! Yeah the water is the best part. I always try to distract myself by looking for otters and salmon!

    1. I haven’t been to Valdez yet but I really want to go! It’s about 2500 people year round here in Seward. It’s so small!

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