Friday Five: My 5 Favorite Things About 13.1!

Hi everyone!  As if you couldn’t tell from every single one of the posts I’ve done recently, I have a half marathon on Sunday!  The Her Tern Half Marathon in Anchorage to be exact!  It’s my first race in Alaska and my first time running in Anchorage so I’m pretty excited to see what the course is like – I heard there might be moose on the trails!  Anyways, to keep up with my half marathon blog post theme that I have going on, this week’s Friday Five with Mar on the Run, Eat Pray Run DC, and You Signed Up For What?! is “Friday Favorites” and I’ve chosen to write about my favorite things about half marathons.


1.  The race expo.  I love shopping and I love running, so when you put both of them together I get really excited!  I usually try to buy at least one item from each half marathon I run.  I’m still so proud of the fact that I’m able to get there in the first place and want to remember that feeling later…with a race-themed headband  🙂  I’ve only been to race expos at half marathons so that’s a fun perk of this race distance!

20140220-213045.jpgBelieve it or not, this was me showing self control!

2.  The pre-race jitters.  I kind of have a love-hate relationship with these.  I hate being nervous, but I love that element of “what if?” that comes with it.  Will I PR?  Will I run my fastest mile ever in a half marathon?  Will I finish strong?  It’s exciting to think about all the things that can turn out awesome after running such a long distance!  I also love setting out my race items before a race.  It almost has that first-day-of-school feeling where you’re so excited to get into that outfit and see what the day brings!

20140220-213117.jpgI was so nervous (and excited!) after getting my first half marathon bib!

3.  Wearing my shiny new race bling.  I love getting medals in all races, but I really love my half marathon medals the most.  I really earned those things, and I’m proud of them.  I usually wear my race medals all day after the race, even out in public!  This race doesn’t have a medal, but it does have a pretty designer bracelet that I am excited to wear all the time.

20140331-001615.jpgRocking my medal after the Love Run Half Marathon

4.  Going home and eating all the food.  Literally, I eat everything I want after a race.  I make no limits – hey, I just burned roughly 1,300 calories!!  After long runs I eat pretty healthy, but after races I throw all that out the window and eat a pizza and a donut.  I don’t even care how unhealthy that makes me sound, you know you all do it  🙂  Of course I start out with a banana, bagel, and Nuun, but once my stomach is settled I start in on the real food!  After Sunday’s race I plan on eating pizza at the Moose’s Tooth before taking a nap on the car ride home!

20140413-234642.jpgThis was after my 10k in Hershey, but it’s the same concept  🙂

5.  Saying “I ran a half marathon today”.  This will never, ever get old.  Those are words I never thought I’d say up until earlier this year and I can’t wait to say them again on Sunday!

disney quote

If you follow me on twitter, stay tuned for lots of race updated throughout the weekend.  I’m not as prepared as I wanted to be, but I’m excited to see what I’m capable of doing on Sunday!  Wish me luck!

What are your favorite things about half marathons?  What’s your favorite thing about running races in general?

38 thoughts on “Friday Five: My 5 Favorite Things About 13.1!

  1. My favorite thing about half marathons is the feeling you get when done…I did it! Good luck!

  2. Kristen!! You’re going to do so great at your race on Sunday!! The half marathon is, by far, my favorite distance of all. I love that I have to train hard, but can still really enjoy the run and I don’t feel miserable afterward (so I can enjoy those fun meals you’re talking about!). I hope you have a great weekend; can’t wait to hear all about your race!

    1. I feel the exact same way about it! I love that it’s not too hard but still hard enough to be a big accomplishment.

  3. Wow, Alaska how cool! I’ll definitely follow you for updates I’d love to see pics! I’m doing my first half in February and can’t wait. Expos are the death of my wallet…I literally spend so much money at them.

    1. Thanks! And good luck in February. If you’re doing the Disney Princess Half, have fun but avoid the expo since you will spend all your money!

  4. Love your reason’s for loving running the half! Good luck this weekend in your race! I ran a marathon in Anchorage a couple of years ago, and when we were back on the trail portions I was eyeing the tree’s all the way in hopes to catch a glimpse of a bear or moose:) I hope you get to see your moose, they are all over in Anchorage! If you miss seeing on in the race and want to see one while your there, go down by the fences on the outside of the airport, they are all over there in the evening! Good luck Sunday!

    1. Thanks! I see moose pretty frequently when driving to/from Seward, so I was hoping to not see them while running. Those things are scary when they chase you and I don’t want to ever have that happen to me! Luckily I didn’t see any during the race 🙂 But thanks for the tip on the airport! Which marathon did you run?

  5. #5 reminds me of after my half marathon. That night, I had a picnic with my aunts. I mentioned that I was tired because I had run a half marathon that a.m. They didn’t act as impressed as I wanted them to. They were just, “oh”. I felt like yelling, “It’s THIRTEEN MILES!!!” LOL

    Love your list of half-marathon related things! Can’t believe you like the pre-race jitters. I dread those!

    1. Hahaha your aunts sound like a lot of people I know. When I mention how long it took they usually notice. I guess 13.1 miles doesn’t sound too long, but when I say I ran for 2 and a half hours straight they usually realize how tough it is! I do hate the pre-race jitters but I also like the excitement that comes with it too. I’m trying to work on not being as nervous haha.

  6. I’m running my first half in October in San Francisco! I’m incredibly nervous, mainly because I’m really not a runner. I’m brand new to this and I’m worried I won’t have enough time to train! lol. You make me feel extra excited for it though, so thank you for the motivation!! 🙂

    1. You are going to do great! The scariest part is the unknown miles that you haven’t done before, but when I trained for my first half I only ran up to 11 miles because I wanted to save 13 for the race. It made it more exciting once I got to 11 miles and was tired because I was able to say “I’m running farther than I ever did before!” and it got me through to the end. I think as long as you get to 10 miles you should be good! They really are fun and the feeling you get after finishing is way more incredible than any other race distance!

      1. That’s awesome Kristen! Thank you for that ❤ I love the idea of saving the 13 miles for the actual race. What do you suggest I do, since my race is Oct. 19 and I haven't started training yet? Just start? haha. I'm so nervous!

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