Friday Five: Fitness Snapshots!

Hi everyone!  I want to thank everyone who commented on yesterday’s post.  It was hard for me to write, but I’m so glad I put myself out there because I learned that I’m not alone.  I seriously cried after reading the comments because they made me feel like I’m not crazy or alone.  I love you all, and I can’t believe how awesome it is to be able to get advice from people I’ve never met in person.  Thank you to everyone who reads this blog, you’re awesome!

Anyways, if you read it you know that I’m in a bit of a funk and not doing too much lately.  I mean, I was sick half of this week and could barely walk up the stairs to the bunkhouse without getting dizzy so you know it was bad.  But this week’s Friday Five Linkup with Mar on the Run, Eat Pray Love DC, and You Signed Up For What?! is about sharing 5 fitness snapshots from this week, and I was suddenly feeling like taking on a challenge.  I mean, how many fitness snapshots can I get from a week where I was stressed, sad, and sick?  I had to use my imagination for this one, but it turns out I get my fitness in many different ways that don’t necessarily come from running!  I’m actually impressed how much I did since last Friday, even if I never technically broke a sweat!



1.  Walking to and from work.  This is probably one of the simplest forms of staying active that I do in Alaska, but I do this 4 days a week 4 times each day (to work, home for lunch, back to work, back home).  It’s a nice relaxing way to start my day, and it helps me unwind after work.  It’s 10 minutes of “Kristen Time” and I really do look forward to it!  Sometimes I’ll see bald eagles, robins, or even baby ducklings on the way!

20140710-221200.jpgMy route home


2.  Hiking to Tonsina Point.  This was the first hike Andrew and I did when we moved here, and I was a bit out of breath when I did it.  I’m happy to say that when I did this last Friday I was flying up and down the hills and loving every second of it.  I would run it if it wasn’t so rocky on the way up!

20140710-221029.jpgLooking out towards the Gulf of Alaska

3.  Walking around town on the 4th of July.  This was actually the most intense workout all week since I had to walk a mile to the race start, watch the race, and then haul myself 1 mile back to the office in crazy hot weather – and I did it in flip flops with a Walking Taco in hand.  I mean, it has the word “walking” in it so it’s obviously cardio  🙂

20140710-221044.jpgBest mid-workout refueling ever!

4.  Taking an evening walk around Seward Harbor.  This was another sneaky way to get cardio in – those docks are longer than you think!  I was pretty tired after spending an hour doing this with my friends, although to be fair this happened right before I got sick and probably should have been a warning sign for me.  It was fun looking at all the boats and wondering what they looked like inside.  The boat below had a mirror on the bow so we obviously needed a selfie in it!


5.  Running.  Okay, I technically did one run in the past week and even though it ended with me feeling like I was going to pass out at mile 1.5 and needing to call for help, I still call that a workout.  I took this picture at the start of the Iditarod Trail while waiting for Andrew to pick me up.  It was so beautiful and the sounds of the waves were so relaxing.  If it weren’t for the mosquitoes I would sit out there for hours every night!

20140710-220938.jpgI wish all bad runs ended with a view like this

And those are my fitness snapshots from this week!  Usually my workouts are a bit more intense and involve actual sweating, but at least I was able to keep my legs active while feeling like crap and I had fun doing it.  Hopefully next time we do this topic I’ll have more “typical” things to post!

What’s the most low-key fitness activity you did all week?  What do you like to do to stay active when you’re feeling sick?

26 thoughts on “Friday Five: Fitness Snapshots!

    1. I really like walking around town as much as I can, it helps me feel like I’m doing something healthy even when I’m just running errands!

  1. Those are all awesome pictures! Walking definitely counts. I walked to and from my car! Does that count as low key fitness? The rest of my week was pretty opposite from you but not by choice. My body is falling apart this week too but no rest for the weary trainer! Hope you’re feeling better 🙂

    1. Hahaha I say that walking to your car totally counts 🙂 Congrats on powering through it! My body was just not having it last week!

    1. That’s such a good idea! I’m about to go out for dinner so I may need to steal that idea tonight 🙂

    1. Thanks! I’m just happy I’m not the only one who feels this way sometimes. I’m actually feeling better already!

  2. Number 1 reminds me I need to get back to taking walk breaks at work. The last one counts. A workout is a workout.

    1. I love that I get to take walk breaks in the middle of the day! And yeah I guess #5 counts, but I haven’t counted 1.5 miles as a workout in a long time so that was hard for me. I’m feeling better this week so I’m back to the longer runs!

    1. The walks really do help! The morning walk is my favorite – Seward is a vacation town so very few people are awake during my 6:30 am walk. It’s so quiet and peaceful!

    1. That’s cool you get to walk home sometimes! I definitely couldn’t walk home at my old job, so I’m taking advantage of it here!

    1. Last time I visited DC we walked everywhere – it’s such a fun city to walk! I definitely think it helps keep me active all day.

    1. Oh I hear you on that. When I lived in Philly I would drive up to 2 hours to get to work. I hated it so I’m in love with the fact that I can walk everywhere here!

    1. Yeah I was pretty upset that I had to call Andrew, but I was so dizzy. Being sick is no fun 😦 But yes, I can walk to work! In Philly I would spend hours driving to work so I love that I’m able to walk here! You can walk anywhere in town because it’s only 1 mile wide!

  3. Great snapshots! That’s a really cute shirt in the walking taco photo 🙂 Hope you feel better soon! I’ve been a bit sick myself, and I’ve just been taking myself away from my desk to go outside, go for a walk, and enjoy the weather. I’ve also kept up my running streak of at least 1 mile a day – if I’m not feeling great, I’ll move a longer run to a different day. Being sick sucks! haha.

    1. Thanks! I got it at Old Navy – I’m in such a nautical theme this summer because I live in a sailing town! Congrats on streaking through your sickness, it’s awesome you’re able to stay with it!

    1. Yes, I love that I can walk to work here! I couldn’t do that back in Philly! All those hours of commuting each day made me crazy!

  4. I don’t think I did any low key fitness this week. It was all high key! But then any kind of fitness is per definition high key for me. Even after 12 years of running….

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