My New Favorite Running Item: BAMR Bands (and A Giveaway!)

Hi everyone!  I’m going to take a break from all my midnight sun fun to bring you a very special post!  If you’re a girl, chances are you’ve tried to purchase a headband to wear while running to keep all the hair out of your face.  While many girls out there have normal shaped heads and can wear whatever kind of headband they want, I am not one of them.  My head basically rejects any kind of headband that goes completely around my head and after a few minutes of wearing one, it slips off.  It’s frustrating, but the worst part is all of the companies out there who claim that their product will stay on every head without slipping.  I’m suckered in every time but nothing ever works, which results in lots of wasted money which could go towards race registrations instead.  In fact, a very large and popular headband company that many girls swear by does not fit my head at all, and after finding that out I figured I would give up and just resign to living a life full of constant headband adjustments. IMG_2796

I LOVE my Disney Princess Half headband, but it really doesn’t stay on very long  😦

That all changed a few months ago when I entered a BAMR Bands giveaway from a fellow blogger and won!  I didn’t have high expectations for it, but I figured that at least I hadn’t spent any money on it and that the pattern was really cute.  But the second I put it on my head I could tell that it was different – it fit more snugly than the other bands I had without giving me a headache, and the velvet backing did a really good job of staying on my head.  I wore it around the house all day and was surprised that I didn’t have to adjust it at all.  From then on I was hooked!  I stopped wearing any other headband, which resulted in many similar looking running selfies over the past few months.  I know you’ve seen me rocking some new headbands in my most recent running selfies, and if you’re wondering if I’ve gotten over my favorite yellow chevron BAMR band the answer is no.

20140410-001153.jpgMy love for this headband is as strong as Rocky’s epic run up these steps!

Actually, it’s the total opposite!  I contacted Katie, the owner and creator of BAMR Bands to let her know how much I love her products.  I also asked her about her new larger BAMR Bands, and she agreed to let me review the large 1.5 inch band as well as try out one of her newest patterns!  Although Katie gave me one of her bands free of charge, all of my views on this product are my own and are honest. 20140624-224822.jpg As soon as I got these headbands in the mail, I screamed with excitement!  They are really cute and colorful, and if you know anything about my choice of running attire you know I love color!  I immediately tried out the thin band in one of her newest colors:  Orange Crush Quatrefoil. 20140615-234706.jpg This band is one of her regular width bands at 7/8 inches wide.  It’s the same size as my chevron band and I loved it just as much!  I ran 7 miles the first time I wore this and I didn’t have to think about it once!  Plus it matches my orange shoelaces.  Win.  I also wore this headband while float rafting in Cooper Landing yesterday and it did a great job of keeping the hair off of my face in the windy and wet conditions! After falling in love with the regular band, I was excited to try the larger 1.5 inch band in Retro Flowers.

20140622-194818.jpgAs seen in my solstice running selfie from earlier this week!

This headband fit a bit different at first, but I also think that I’m so used to running each run in the thin bands that I needed to get used to the new size!  I also found it fit more comfortably farther up on my head.  I loved the pattern so much that I found myself grabbing this band for every hike I’ve done lately! Overall I give her newest bands a 5 out of 5! What I liked:

  • The price!  Most of her bands are $10 so they’re cheap enough to try out if you’ve never worn one before.
  • Lots of fun patterns to choose from.  I had a hard time deciding what new ones to order!
  • $1 from every purchased goes to Every Mother Counts, a charity that help prevent deaths caused by pregnancy and childbirth around the world.
  • They actually stay on my head!  Of course everyone’s head is different, but these work for me and literally no other headbands do!
  • They don’t cause a headache or feel uncomfortable while they’re on.

What I didn’t like:

  • While there are lots of cute patterns, there could be more (hint for Katie: make more!!!).  And when a pattern sells out it’s gone, which is a bad thing because I want to buy all the cute ones before they sell out!
  • Technically these headbands don’t keep the sweat out of your face when you’re running.  But none of those types of large, moisture-wicking headbands fit my head anyways.

Now it’s time for the best news!  Katie has allowed me to give away one of her BAMR Bands to one of you guys!  Click on the rafflecopter below to enter.  Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Do you have a favorite headband brand?  What is your favorite way to keep your hair out of your face while running?

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