Friday Five: My 5 Biggest Running Goals

Hi everyone!  This week’s Friday Five Linkup with Mar on the Run, Eat Pray Run DC, and You Signed Up For What?! is a writer’s choice – I can write about any 5 things that I want to!  Since I’ve kind of been down about my current running situation recently, I’ve decided to write about my 5 biggest running goals!


  1. Run a marathon.  It took me a while to really come to terms with this goal, but I can fully tell now that it’s going to happen.  I don’t know when or where, but I can feel that one day very soon I’ll be ready for this.  Choosing one will be such a hard task because I know how special my first (and maybe only) marathon will be.  And right now I’m leaning towards Philly 2015…and yes, I know how hilly Manayunk is!  It would be so amazing to be able to run a marathon in my home city.  I am open to suggestions though because I know there are so many awesome races out there!
  2. Do a trail race.  My brief experience with trail running made me appreciate how seriously hard trail running is, but it also made me want to do more of it.  I think training for a small and easy-ish trail race would probably be a really fun experience.  But I’m not sure if I’m ready for any trail runs in Alaska since everything here is so steep!
  3. Finish a half marathon under 2:30.  I know most people can do this no sweat, but I haven’t done it yet.  I got so close in the Love Run Half (2:30:46) and I can’t wait to break that time goal!  An even bigger goal:  finishing in under 2:15 someday!  But hey, one step at a time right?
  4. Do a back-to-back race challenge.  After running the Disney Princess Half, I was totally amazed by all the girls that ran the Glass Slipper Challenge, which involves running the 10k on Saturday and the half marathon on Sunday.  I felt the same way at the Runner’s World Half and Festival, which was even harder – a 5k and 10k on Saturday and a half on Sunday!  I think it’s amazing when people run back-to-back races and I’d love to try it someday!  My back-to-back bucket list race is the Dumbo Double Dare at Disney Land.  I’ve never been there and that’s a perfect excuse to visit  🙂
  5. Run a Ragnar relay.  I have no runner friends to form a team with, but I’d love to do this someday!  Possibly the trail version since I heard there’s smores?  If anyone else wants to run one let me know, I am so there!

goal deadlines

And since I’ve decided that all goals need a time goal as well, I want to reach all of these goals in the next 5 years.  Basically that’s 1 goal per year which is perfect!  Now I just need to choose which goal to tackle first…maybe #3 next month?  🙂

What is your biggest running goal?  Do we share any of the same goals?

51 thoughts on “Friday Five: My 5 Biggest Running Goals

  1. Love your goals! I am right there with you for #2, 3 and 4! I came close at the Love Run as well (3 minutes + away from <2:30). I think if you were to do a marathon Philly would be a great choice for you for sentimental reasons! It will be wonderful to have all your friends and family close by to cheer you on.

    1. I have to honestly say that if it weren’t for the fact that I had to stop 3 times to put my bib back on because it kept falling off from the rain, I probably would have made my goal. I really hope it happens for both of us soon! And it would be so much fun to do it in Philly! I just know about the hills and that makes it a bit less appealing. Oh well!

    1. The Philadelphia Marathon is in November, I think usually right before Thanksgiving? That’s a perk for me since it will be cool and humidity free! And that’s awesome that you got so close at the Princess Half! I was so slow there, I can’t imagine running any faster than I did because there were so many people!

  2. I have #5 on my list, but not sure I could handle the running in the dark! My biggest goal right now is to get ready for my fall and spring marathons, Marine Corps and Boston. My daughter and I have enjoyed the race challenges at Disney including the Dopey Challenge earlier this year and the Glass Slipper Challenge. We did not sign up for any more at the moment though!

    1. You have such an awesome race schedule! I’m super jealous of Boston, I can’t wait to read about that! And did you like the Dopey Challenge? It looks so tough but there are just so many medals that I’m tempted to do it!

  3. umm….I love all of your goals!!! I have my first trail race today 🙂
    I totally want to do the Dopey Challenge–having gotten in to Marine Corps kept me from registering but I have zero doubts I’ll do it someday. And Ragnar. I’m considering doing trial Ragnar this November but that’s already such a busy month and then road Ragnar is a couple of weeks before my marathon–decisions, decisions lol!

    1. Yay I hope the race went well! And I can totally see you doing Dopey after reading your R2R2R recap! If you ever do Ragnar let me know, I so want to try that!

  4. I really love your list!!!!!
    I am just getting back into things from work injury, and as soon as I am ready I want to get back on my goal and finish my last 19 states left on my 50 states marathon goal:)

    1. That’s an awesome goal! One of my big goals is to run a race in all 50 states. I’ve done 4 so far and have registered for 2 more this year! How long did it take you do do 31 states? I feel like I’ll never be able to finish my goal so that’s not even on this list haha.

  5. Great goals! I did my own mini challenge during Disney Marathon Weekend, but purposely walked the 10k so that I could run the half marathon to the best of my abilities. I’d love to do the Glass Slipper Challenge, and actually run both races, in order to see what I’m made of!

    1. You should definitely try it! The merchandise/medals for the challenge were so cute! It will probably sell out fast though so I recommend jumping on that!

  6. I will totally be on your future Ragnar team!!! After running a long course relay this spring Ragnar is high on my bucket list!

  7. I love trail running – just did a trail 10K last week. Perfect distance for it. I did a trail half last year and thought it was awful – couldn’t really enjoy the experience and too long out there. (well that and it was HOT!)

    1. Yeah I can’t imagine being out on a trail for hours. I did a few miles on a trail recently and thought that was hard enough! A 10k sounds like fun though!

  8. We pretty much share all the same running goals! 🙂 I’m aiming for a sub 2:30 half next weekend and would also love to do a ragnar at some point! But like you I have zero runner friends. Keep me in mind if you wanna plan for one!

    1. Yay good luck with your half! And there seem to be a lot of people on here who also want to form a team but have no friends. We should seriously all form a team!

  9. I’m so with you on running a Ragnar! I have the same problem though- no one to run one with. I think it’s a sign I need to join a running club 😉
    I just ran my second trail race last weekend & it was so much fun! It was nice to run in the shade of the woods & not stress over time goals.
    I’ve never really thought about back-to-back races, but now that you mention it, they do sound appealing. I’m adding that to my own running bucket list!

    1. Haha I need to join a club too, I wish they had one here in Seward! When I move to Anchorage in the fall I definitely want to join one. And trail races just sound like way more fun than regular races. I’d love to not stress about time for once!

  10. I have Ragnar on my bucket list but am seriously lacking in the friends who run department.

    I hope you get your 2:30 half soon! Missing a goal by 46 seconds is rough. I missed a goal by 18 seconds once and it was so frustrating to be that close and not quite make it.

    1. I’m feeling the same way about Ragnar! Most people think that kind of stuff is crazy so I clearly need to find new friends 🙂 And yeah it was frustrating but it was a 19 minute PR so that helped make me feel better! I know I’m going to be really nervous about hitting my time goal at my half in July!

  11. I ran the “five and dime” in Boston last weekend and absolutely loved it! I’m so looking forward to adding that half marathon and completing the “hat trick” next year 🙂

    1. I really want to do the Runner’s World Half and Festival hat trick sometime! I was amazed by all the runners who were able to do it. I just did the 10k last year and I thought that was hard enough!

  12. I love all your goals. I haven’t had the courage to openly commit to a marathon. I don’t know if it will ever appeal to me but who knows! When I think about it now, a half seems like a big enough challenge. As it is, I’m just about to run my first 10k race ever next month and then another one in September. We’ll see how those go and if I can get in around an hour on either of them!

    1. Congrats on your first 10k! That’s so exciting! I also had no interest in a marathon for a while. Once I did a 10k my husband said “that’s half the length of a half marathon, do you think you could do it?” and then I started thinking about doing a half. After my first half marathon I then started thinking about doing a marathon! I think runners are crazy 🙂 But I know I’m not ready yet so we’ll see what happens! I definitely recommend running a half marathon, they’re my new favorite race length!

    1. Awesome! Yeah mine might not happen in 2015, we’ll see how I feel after my next 2 half marathons! I think the training process is so intense so I want to make sure I can handle it!

  13. My biggest running goal is to keep on running. I do not train for races. I work out 6 times a week, because it’s healthy.

    Running is time just for me. Time to think and find myself.

    1. Awesome! That’s why I started running too. Then I got bit by the racing bug! I love training for races because it keeps me focused, but I really do love running just for fun and for “me time”. I just wish I worked out as much as you do, you’re so dedicated!

    1. You should totally try running! It’s fun 🙂 And my biggest concern for running the Philly marathon is that I’ll be running my longest training runs while there’s snow on the ground in Alaska. 20 miles in the freezing snow sounds pretty terrible. I love short runs in the snow but they tire me out! I still have a while to decide though.

  14. Hi and nice to meet you through the linkup! We share some of the same goals. Marathon–I’ve decided that if I’m as physically and mentally fit as I am now after I finish my fall half, I’m doing a full in 2015. Half marathon–I’ve only done two, both with a finish goal, not time goal, and my best was 2:37. I haven’t set my time goal yet for my third, but it will likely be between 2:20-2:30. Ragnar relay–I’m in! 🙂

    1. Thanks for stopping by! Good luck with your next half, I’m sure you can get that PR! And now I really want to form a Ragnar team with all of you!

    1. That is such an awesome goal! I hope you can reach it this year. Which Ragnar did you do? Any suggestions?

  15. Those are great (and fun) goals! Getting under 2:30:00 for a half marathon would be amazing! I’m currently working on getting under 3:00:00 haha, so I get where you’re coming from saying it’s easy for some people. The Dumbo Double Dare looks like a lot of fun, and I hope to get there someday for it!

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