My Running Wish List: BIRTHDAY EDITION!

Hi everyone!  Guess what’s happening 3 weeks from today?  MY BIRTHDAY!!!!!  Woooooo!!!!


There’s only one other day I love more than my birthday, and that’s Christmas.  Coincidently they both involve parties, presents, and yummy food  🙂  Since I made a super awesome Christmas running wish list last year, I thought I would do the same thing for my birthday!  I’m asking for each of these items so I hope my husband is reading this!

Running Clothes:

  • This amazingly accurate I Run For Donuts tank over on Etsy.  This was on my original Christmas running wish list, and it’s still on this list.  In all honesty I really do run so that I can eat donuts so this gift totally makes sense.  Lately I’ve been running more so that I could eat cinnamon rolls, but it’s all kind of the same thing  🙂
  • Oiselle’s Flyte Long Sleeved Running Shirt.  I’m totally crushing on my Flyte tank so I can only imagine the long sleeved version is amazing. This one is kind of on sale so I’m going to take a chance at putting this one on my list!
  • While we’re talking about Oiselle, I really want these Randies!  Randies = running undies and not only are these meant to wear while you’re running, they have cute running phrases on them as well.  I’m pretty sure that underwear that says “Run your butt off” will motivate me to run more.  These are not on sale but they’re cute enough to win a spot on my list!
  • Now that I’m an Alaskan, I need to represent my new state!  Gone For A Run makes that easy with its line of state-themed running products.  I’m in love with everything they have on there, but I’d really like to get this Run Alaska Hoodie.  I can see myself wearing this on chilly nights after a long run!


Running Gear:

  • This item was also on my list from Christmas, and I actually got it!  It’s a Foot Rubz foot massager.  Why is it back on my list if I already have it?  Because it somehow got lost in the big Alaska move and now I can’t find it.  And sadly, I can’t live without this thing.  I love foam rolling but this thing is waaaaay better!  My feet love it and now that I’m training for another half marathon I’m dying to have it back again!
  • Since you all know that I’m obsessed with these headbands, I really need some new BAMR Bands!  They are all just too cute.  And they work better than anything else I’ve tried!
  • I love my current running shoes, but I hate only having 1 pair when it rains.  So while browsing around on I found these Brooks PureCadence 2 shoes on sale.  I’ve always been intrigued by the Pure line but didn’t want to pay a ton of money on minimalist shoes when I’m not sure if I’ll like them, so seeing them at over half off got me pretty excited!  Spoiler alert:  these have actually recently been taken off my list because I bought them for myself as an early birthday present!  I haven’t been able to test them out yet but I’m really hoping they work out.  They felt pretty comfy and supportive when I ran around my apartment in them though so I think I’m ready to try them on a real run.  And seriously, I missed wearing bright shoes!

20140608-200156.jpgHopefully my shoe selfies will feature a lot more of these in the future!

Non-Running Stuff:

  • I clearly love shoes, so I decided to add some TOMS to my list.  All the TOMS.  Specifically these, these, and most importantly these.  If anyone wants to buy me one of these I will love them forever.  And I live in a sailing town, so the sailboat shoes are basically a necessity right?
  • I already own a North Face Khumbu fleece, and it’s literally my favorite jacket.  I wear it every single day here in Alaska!  I have it in black but this green one is amazing!  And before my husband has a heart attack, this one is on sale.  You can never have too many fleece jackets here in Alaska!

IMG_0618The Khumbu in action

The hardest part will be trying to decide what to do on my birthday…right now the top contenders are driving to Soldotna for donuts at The Moose Is Loose, doing an epic hike like Lost Lake or Harding Ice Field, or spending the night somewhere new like Homer.  Alaska just has too many fun things to do!  Hopefully my birthday is filled with new running stuff and tons of cake!

What items are on your current running wish list?  Are there any cool items I need to add to my list?  Who else buys themselves birthday presents?

11 thoughts on “My Running Wish List: BIRTHDAY EDITION!

  1. My number one priority now is getting a foam roller. I need it more than anything else. #doms Lovely list you got. I was thinking about getting a pair of Brooks, but I love Asics solo much. Do you have any preference between the 2?

    1. Yes you do! It hurts but it helps so much! And then you need the Foot Rubz thing because once you’ve tried it, you’ll want to use it after every long run! I have never run in Asics or Brooks (yet), so unfortunately I can’t give any advice on that. I can say that I’ve tried both on at running stores and didn’t like how either felt (although I’d never tried the Brooks Pure line on before and they do feel different than their other stability shoes!) as much as my old Mizunos and my current Adidas. I definitely recommend getting fitted at a running store because they can tell you what kind of shoe works best for your feet and then you can shop around from there. I need stability shoes but they don’t all feel the same!

  2. You’ll love the Brooks! I ran in Pure Flow’s for two years. I only switched from them because I needed something tri specific. They’re awesome!

    1. Oh good! I never tried them on before for some strange reason. I like how they feel walking around, so I’m excited to try them on the run. They are much more a snug fit, is that how they’re supposed to be? I know the band thing is tight to keep my feet from rolling in too much so I’m hoping it’s supposed to feel this way!

  3. OMG! I NEED the randies! Seriously! Those are some epic run-derwear!

    As for additional items, I would suggest a really good pair of sunglasses–I bought myself a pair (pair of rose gold Oakleys) and they are fantastic. They don’t bounce, fog up or slip when sweaty. I am super impressed!

    Happy early birthday!

    1. Haha I know right? I think they are so insanely expensive for underwear but they were too funny to not add to my list! They have other ones that say what kind of day it is (long run, tempo run, etc).

      I never thought about sunglasses! Are those running specific? I think it would be so annoying to run with glasses on but I do hate when the sun is in my eyes!

      1. I don’t think they were running specific, but they are these ones–I got them in the rose gold. I wanted to get the polarized ones but they didn’t have a pair that fit me right, whereas the rose gold ones fit perfectly. I don’t find sunglasses to be a problem–actually, I like them as they keep random crap (like bugs and weird things in the air) from getting in my eyes during my runs.

        P.S. I ended up buying those undies and a pair of shorts from Oiselle after reading your post–I just couldn’t not buy them. lol.

  4. Looks like a great list! I hope you get everything you want! That donut shirt is really funny. I hope you get it and take a picture!

    1. Me too! I will take so many selfies in that thing! Although it’s hard to choose which thing I want more and I know I won’t get them all 😦 I really want those sailboat TOMS shoes!

    1. Do it! And check out my old list, I had way more stuff on there. A lot of that stuff was cheaper so Andrew got me quite a few things 🙂

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