Friday Five: The Five Things In My Gym Bag!

Wooohooo!  It’s Friday, which means it’s time for another Friday Five Linkup with Eat Pray Run DC, You Signed Up For What?!, and Mar on the Run!  I’m excited for week #2 with these ladies and the rest of the fabulous bloggers in the linkup.  Now let’s get down to business:  this week’s post is…

The Five Things In My Gym Bag!


Now to be fair, I don’t go to the gym.  But back in Philly I did pack up a gym bag so that I could go running in the park after work, and there were definitely some favorite things in my bag every week.  Let’s check them out in closer detail:

1.  My running shoes.  Back in the day I rocked some super cute Mizuno Wave Inspire 9s, but sadly they are sold out in size 9s (if you can find me a pair please let me know!).  But since they’re pretty much extinct, I did move on and found my new loves, the Adidas Supernova Glide 6 Boosts!  They are pretty comfy and feel like I’m running on air.  Plus they have some extra grippy stuff on the bottom, so I feel like I can possibly use them in more rainy situations…or even on the trail!


2.  My GPS watch.  I’m in love with my Garmin Forerunner 10.  Not only is it the cutest color ever, it’s really lightweight and easy to use.  I have to admit that I usually run with my phone for safety reasons, but I wear this watch in every single race so that I can keep track of my pace easily.  I’ve even worn it in a pouring monsoon rain during my last half marathon and it didn’t die, so you know this thing is durable!


3.  A good headband.  Right now I am obsessed with BAMR Bands – they literally do not slip on my head at all.  And you know some of the other brands totally do!  Plus this one is yellow and chevron so it’s basically made for me  🙂  I am definitely saving up to buy some more for the summer!


4 & 5.  Ways to fuel during and after a run.  During a long run I love to refuel with Jelly Belly Sport Beans!  I love that they’re tiny and 1 pack is the exact amount to get me through a half successfully.  I’ve tried other fuels but never felt like I was getting the energy boost that Sport Beans give me!  Plus they are the only thing that doesn’t hurt my stomach, so that’s a win!  And after a long run I like to drink Nuun, specifically the pink lemonade flavor.  I love the subtle flavor and find that it always makes me feel more hydrated than regular water.  I may have occasionally used it when super sick or hungover as well, and it totally works  🙂


1 weird observation about my favorite things:  I really like bright colors.  Specifically pink.  But to be fair, pink things taste awesome  🙂

Are any of these things in your gym bag?  What’s in yours?  I love suggestions for new must-have items!

41 thoughts on “Friday Five: The Five Things In My Gym Bag!

    1. You should definitely try BAMR Bands – I was pretty surprised that it worked so well! Plus they are cheaper than most other ones so even if you don’t love it it’s not like you wasted a ton of money.

  1. Definitely a good headband! Love the chevron 😉 I had Inspire 8s and loved them, but now I wear Wave Riders.

  2. I wear Bondiband headbands for my long runs. The Nuun tablets are perfect for hydration, and my favorite flavor is watermelon!

    1. I need to start wearing Bondibands – I got one at the Disney Princess Half expo and just never feel like I’m in the mood to use it because it’s so big. The sweat wicking will definitely come in handy for my long runs though! And I have to get this watermelon flavor!!!!

    1. It’s seriously so good! It’s all I thought about for the last few miles of my long run today!

  3. I love my Forerunner 10. My first one was green, but when it broke I knew I had to get the purple (my favorite!). I’m not a huge Nuun fan, but he pink lemonade is their best flavor!

    1. I love how colorful Garmins are. Clearly I love bright colors! And Nuun did take a bit of time to get used to but now I crave it after long runs! It definitely helps me rehydrate after running.

    1. I love chevron too! Do you have any ones that you’d recommend? And I’m sorry about the Sport Beans 😦 That’s how I feel about Honey Stingers! So many people love them but I just don’t think they work with my stomach. Finding fuel that works is so tricky!

  4. Pink things do taste best! And I totally brought Nuun to Atlantic City for the gathering, so you’re not alone there either 😉

    1. Haha love it! I used to drink Gatorade in college to help me not die. Nuun makes me feel like I’m rehydrating post-party in a healthier way 🙂

    1. I seriously hate how terrible it is when favorite shoes are impossible to buy anymore! I do recommend these, they are really comfy and I haven’t had any issues so far! I’ve never run in Adidas shoes before but I think it was a good choice after my Mizunos went extinct.

    1. Apparently there is a watermelon flavor, which I just learned and I’m dying to try! I haven’t tried any other flavors yet but I did buy cherry lime aid!

    1. Yeah same here. Now that I live in a place where it’s safe to run in my neighborhood (and I walk to and from work) I just start running from my apartment. It’s way easier this way, I used to forget stuff in my gym bag all the time! Especially socks. That’s the worst.

    1. Grrr Mizuno! I was so unhappy with the new model of the Wave Inspires that I had to literally change brands. Not happy. I will go back if they make something like my old favorites though!

  5. I love BAMR Bands! They stay out and don’t give me a headache – win win!
    Since I do t use a gym either, my running bag has my flip belt, Chapstick and face wipes. Three of must haves!

    1. So true! And I never though about bringing my chapstick or face wipes with me, but that’s such a good idea! I usually just go home right away to take a shower but I’ve been known to stop at Target on the way home for a few things and you know how long that can take…

    1. WHAT!?!?! Where? I swear I looked everywhere and couldn’t find them! And actually I just realized that I put the wrong size in this post…I’m a 9 in regular shoes but a 10 in Mizunos for some strange reason. Anyways, it’s awesome we use so many of the same things!

    1. Ugh I did that once, it was not fun. But I do think it helped me run faster so that was good! I hope you had a good race!

  6. I don’t have a gym bag, but I had one I would definitely put a head band in there. You are so right about those. There’s nothing worse than when your hair blows into your face.

    1. I’ve forgotten one so many times and it’s so annoying! Why do I have so many little hairs around my face? It’s so distracting when I run!

    1. Awesome! I won mine in a giveaway and don’t think I’ve used any other headbands since then. I have no idea why, but it’s so much better at staying on my head!

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