Alaska Road Trip Day 4: Whitecourt AB to…

Hi everyone!  I don’t have time to post but things have been CRAZY over here.  Yesterday our trip was cut short due to excessive snow on the roads in the Canadian Rockies.  We had to spend the night in a random inn in a small “town” and we are about to head out to hopefully keep going north!  We will be trying to get to Watson Lake in the Yukon but who even knows at this point!  We are safe and I will provide a better trip report as soon as I can!  For now, I leave you with my calm sounding trip report over on Bearly Alaskan (my mom doesn’t need to panic so it sounds so positive over there) and this picture of what it looks like to be driving through the snowy Canadian Rockies in late April!  At least, this is how it looked before we started having to drive through deep snow on the road and fearing for our lives.  Let’s hope we will have smoother driving today!


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