Alaska Road Trip Day 2: Mikwaukee WI to Minot ND!

Hi everyone! I’m coming to you guys from North Dakota! Day #2 of our Alaska road trip is over and it was a loooong day! We decided that hanging out with my sister for the morning was a better idea than getting on the road early, so we didn’t get to our hotel until 3:00 am! We are tired but YOLO, right? Plus it was so nice visiting my sister and getting to hang out at Lake Michigan in the nice weather!

20140421-231047.jpgLake Michigan!

20140421-231145.jpgMy workout for the day was climbing back up those steps to the car!

20140421-231207.jpgSo happy I got to see my sister even for a few hours!

Once again, you can find a more detailed trip report over on Bearly Alaskan, but here’s all the info I left out over there:

Cups of coffee: 3. Yep, long day!

Best food I ate all day: cheese curds! This was on my food bucket list and I’m so glad I finally was able to try them out! They were so yummy!!!!


Best song on the radio: Wild Wild West by Will Smith. Lots of car dancing and “wiki-wiki-Wild West!” singing 😉

Coolest thing we did: crossed the Mississippi River! It’s small up in Minnesota but I still loved it! I’ve never seen it before so that was another bucket list item for me!


Biggest surprise: the fact that Minnesota does in fact have an insane amount of lakes. I counted until it got too dark to see anymore and got up to 108! That was actually a fun way to pass the time!

Weirdest thing we saw:  Most of Wisconsin is flat, but there were some areas that had random steep tiny hills and weird rock formations.  I have no idea what these things are called or why they were there, so that was an interesting turn of events on our trip!

20140421-231231.jpgWhat is this thing?  Everything around it was flat!

Best convo:

Me: “I wonder why Minnesota has so many lakes?”
Andrew: “Well when Paul Bunyan and Babe walked through here it was raining and their footprints filled up with water.”
Me: “Oh yeah, how could I forget…”

20140421-231327.jpgOne of many, many lakes in Minnesota!

Now that day #2 is over I’m feeling better about everything and starting to get excited about the rest of our trip! We are 1/3 of the way done which is crazy. I also am getting really sick of flat farmland. Sorry Midwestern peeps, but you guys need to throw in something fun for me to look at! Although it was cool being able to see so many stars at night since we were so far from any cities. Tomorrow we are entering Canada and I am really looking forward to some new sights, including mountains!!!

What is your favorite old school 90s song to jam out to? Do you have a food bucket list, and if so what is on it?  Do you believe in Paul Bunyan?


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