Monday Motivation: I Can and I Will

Hey everyone!  First of all, I want to thank everyone for all of your support with last Thursday’s post!  Andrew and I are so excited to be moving to Alaska and I can’t wait to get up there in a few weeks!  But I’ve got a few more things to do before we move up there, most importantly the Love Run Half Marathon in Philly THIS WEEKEND!  Holy crap that came up fast!


While I am very excited to run a half marathon in Philly, complete with chocolate and soft pretzels at the finish line, I am also very nervous.  I know what you’re all thinking – when am I not nervous for a race?  But this one is really scary because I only ran my first half marathon a month ago, and in the past month we’ve been so busy trying to figure out all of our moving details and I was also preoccupied with my grandpa’s passing.  So yesterday when I realized I was doing my last long run before the race I was pretty upset!  I want more time to train better!  Everyone says to trust your training, but I’ve been kind of distracted over the last few weeks and training hasn’t gone the way it did for my first half marathon.  So really, I don’t trust it at all right now.  In fact, I planned on doing 10 miles yesterday but had to cut it to 8 because the back of my right knee began to hurt with each step and I didn’t want to get injured by pushing through the last 2 miles.  I was super frustrated but I know it was the best choice.  So here I am, going into my second half marathon with my longest training run at 8 miles (and 13.1 miles 5 weeks before the race if that even counts) and not really feeling the best.  I’m hoping to run twice this week before the half to make myself feel a bit better.  Really, at this point all I can do is do a few easy workouts, hydrate, foam roll, and mentally prepare for the race.  If I can’t trust my training, hopefully I can trust my mind to get me across that finish line in one piece.


So bring it on Love Run!  It will be interesting to see if I can PR considering how much I stopped for pictures and other things in Disney last month.  No matter what, as long as I finish I’ll be happy.  Mostly because of the chocolate and pretzels at the finish line  🙂

Have you ever gone into a long race feeling unprepared?  How did you get through it?

15 thoughts on “Monday Motivation: I Can and I Will

  1. You’ll be okay girl. Keep your head up, and don’t allow negative comments to get the best of you. Besides, races are never going to end, so even if you don’t get a PR you still have plenty of other halfs 🙂

    1. Thanks! I wish my legs didn’t hurt the way they do right now…oh well, I guess this will teach me to train for future races, right?

  2. Wow, Alaska! That’s so exciting! I’ve gone into races before where I didn’t train enough or didn’t feel prepared enough. Honestly I did the same thing you are now – hydrate like it’s your job, get lots of good rest, a few light workouts to keep the cobwebs at bay, and trust in yourself that you will get through it all. Good luck with the race and with the move!!!

    1. It’s good to hear that you’ve done the same thing! I feel like the only runner out there who missed some training so it’s good to know I’m not alone 🙂 Water is going to be my secret weapon!

  3. I think we’ve all gone into races feeling unprepared- but it’s amazing what adrenaline can help you do on race day. You’ve got this (plus a big PR- I can feel it)!

  4. I am nervous, too! I am worried I am coming down with a cold. The perks of being a teacher! I plan on resting ALL week! (Well, as much as I can!) Hopefully I will see you at the race!

    1. Oh no! Yeah we should totally try to meet up at the race! I think I might try to hang with the 12:00 minute pacer, I’m not sure what your pace is but you can totally find me there during the race!

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