Fabulous Friday: The Crazy Stuff I Thought About This Week

Hey everyone!  It’s Friday!  We had a semi-short week this week (I got to work from home on Monday due to the snow so I consider that shorter than usual!) but I’m still glad it’s the weekend!  I feel like so much has been going on in my life recently so I thought I would take some time today to share the crazy stuff I’ve been thinking about this week as I try to get back to normal:

1.  People who live in the south must really have to have self control around all that yummy food!  While we were in Florida/driving home from Florida we ate at some amazing places (disclaimer:  my idea of amazing includes lots of chocolate, cheese, and tasty things) like Waffle House and Zaxby’s and I’m sad I can’t eat there all the time!  Although I’m pretty sure my stomach is happy because everything at both of those places is either greasy or fried and that is not good fuel for runners  🙂  But seriously, Zaxby’s has a birthday cake milkshake and my husband wouldn’t let me try it because he was worried it would make me sick after all that running.  Who wants to let me come visit so I can eat there again?

2.  I’m thinking verrrrry dangerous running thoughts.  So dangerous that I didn’t want to share them on here.  But I can’t keep any secrets on my own blog so…I may be thinking about doing the Walt Disney World Marathon in 2016!  That’s right, MARATHON!  I’m seriously a hot mess.  Why can’t I just have normal goals that don’t involve 4 hour training runs on the weekends?  The really really dangerous thoughts are that if I do the WDW Marathon I should probably look into doing the Goofy Challenge…or the Dopey Challenge.  It’s only 48.6 miles in 4 days, no big deal right?  You might never hear me talk about this stuff again FYI because I think my husband is going to murder me for making him watch me run 4 races that start at 5:30am.  And my mom will kill me if she has to help me make 4 costumes!  On a serious note, I do think if I ever choose to do a marathon it will be in Disney because doing my first half there was such an awesome experience!  I just don’t know if I’m ready to do it next year.  For all my marathoners out there – how did you know you were ready to run a marathon?

3.  I’ve been seeing so many robins around lately!  I just want to ask these poor robins if they’re crazy because there’s still snow all over the place and on Tuesday the wind chill was in the single digits.  I know they want spring to come but sorry guys, it’s not here yet!

20140307-000256.jpgAwesome view of center city from my office…the snow piles are melting which is a good sign for all of those robins!

4.  I don’t really know why I thought running 2 half marathons in 5 weeks was a good idea at all.  My legs were so tired after last week that I took way more “rest days” from running than I expected!  I’ve run twice since Disney Princess.  And neither run was fun.  But hey, life is short so I’ve got to run while I can!  And thank god for Barre3, it’s the only thing keeping me active that doesn’t hurt my knees!

5.  Um, I’m moving.  Really far away.  And it’s all I can think about and I can’t even tell most people about it yet and I need help planning the logistics!  Have you ever had huge news that you couldn’t tell your mom because you knew she would be devastated that you were leaving and have a ton of questions and you couldn’t answer them for another week?  I can’t wait until next Friday when I can talk about details and finally tell my family and friends!  Although in the mean time I have been scoping out races there and they have some really awesome sounding ones so I am excited about running races in a new place this summer!

Anyways, I’m leaving for DC tonight to visit my very best friend on earth!  My husband is coming too so I’m excited for all the double dating that will be going on with her and her fiancé.  I’m a bridesmaid in her wedding so I’m looking forward to all the wedding talk that we’ll be doing!  I’m also running the St. Patrick’s Day 8k on Sunday as my DC race on my Race in Every State list and I can’t wait to run past the capital and down the National Mall!  Will anyone else be there?  Shake Shack is giving out free milkshakes to all participants so I am pumped!

0106I know I’ve posted this picture before but I just love it so much!  This is us on my wedding day in one of our last moments being engaged together!

I’ve talked about milkshakes too much during this post so I’m going to go eat some fruits and veggies real quick  🙂  Have a great weekend!

Are you running any races this weekend?  What’s your favorite “bad” food that you can’t live without?  Have you ever run a back-to-back race challenge?

6 thoughts on “Fabulous Friday: The Crazy Stuff I Thought About This Week

  1. In the world of running bloggers, contemplating your first marathon is hardly a dangerous thought – quite the opposite!! I felt much more prepared for my 2nd marathon, so based of off that, I’d say I knew I was ready when I had several half marathons under my belt, and dare I say felt comfortable at that distance. I knew I was ready to take on the challenge of a marathon again.
    I’m excited to hear more about your move as you leak the details 🙂 I moved from VA to CA after I graduated college, but it was relatively easy since I just packed up my clothes in a couple carry ons, flew cross-country, then moved in with my bf at the time. I imagine it’s much more difficult when you’re married and trying to take more than clothes with you.
    Have fun at your St. Patrick’s 8k! I have a 10 miler in DC on Saturday – thank goodness it’s supposed to be nice out for once!

  2. How did I know I was ready for my first marathon? Well, I wasn’t really. I was ready for my second one, though! The first one was more like “I said I’m doing this and I’m doing it. I don’t care how much other stuff I have going on in my life right now.” I guess I’d suggest finding a training plan and making sure you can handle running that many days a week. Building the distance will come with the actual training, but you should make sure you can handle the number of runs per week. Also, it helps to not be planning a wedding and/or working 80 hours a week during training. Avoid that if you can.

    P.S. I really want a milkshake now. Thanks! 🙂

  3. I’m considering the WDW Marathon / Goofy also! 2015 though. I told my husband that if I’m going to do a full, it’s definitely going to be at Disney! He is planning on Dopey, but I don’t think I’m quite that crazy!

  4. I don’t know if I ever knew I wss ready to run a marathon, but I did it anyway. I think 2016 Disney sounds like a great race for you. You’ll have another full year of running behind you (plus the rest of this year) and will hopefully be settled in after the big move!

  5. I think we must both be crazy because I have been thinking of doing the Philly full this fall. I figure if there ever was a time, it was now. I am on a roll. I hear the training is awful and wonderful at the same time. We must be crazy!

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