So…I’m a Half Marathoner!

Hi everyone!  This week has been super busy and blogging kind of got pushed to the side.  And unfortunately for all of you, all that’s going on in my brain this week is this:


Are you all aware that I ran a half marathon this week?  If not, go here!  Seriously though, other than getting my teaching certificates, earning my Master’s degree, and planning a super beautiful wedding that people still talk about almost a year later, this half marathon is one of my biggest achievements ever!  I never thought I could do it, and here I am!  Before this post sounds all self centered and braggy, I want to explain why this means so much to me.  I feel like every half marathoner who blogs out there has inspired me with how dedicated they were to their goal, and I never really understood how brave, strong, and mentally tough they had to be in order to achieve it!  When I started training I slowly began to realize how tough it is to train for a long distance, and once I crossed that finish line I totally understood why they choose to do it!  So in honor of all the people that inspired me during my long months of training, here are some things I learned about Half Marathoners during my training:

  1. They basically have no free time.  Seriously, they give up so much time on the weekends to do their long runs.  They will have friends beg them to go out for drinks but they’ll say no because they have a 10 miler the next day and honestly, that’s more important.  And if they’re like me they might have their mom yell at them for “running too much” because they won’t give up their planned long run just because there’s a blizzard outside.  Yay treadmill!
  2. They actually can’t eat whatever they want, but that’s okay.  Yeah, I ate some donuts during my half training.  But I learned that a good half marathoner will look for healthy foods that fuel their bodies during long runs.  Just because I burned 1,000 calories on my run doesn’t mean I should actually eat all those back in Oreos and ice cream!  I never knew that about half marathoners until I started reading blogs and realized that for the most part, runners don’t run just to burn calories and eat like crap!
  3. They really, really like running.  And yes, it hurts sometimes, but if you’re running so much and for so long you’ve really got to love it!  This is why they talk about it so much  🙂
  4. They are obsessed with the weather.  I have switched long run days around just so they fell on sunny warmish days instead of rainy ones.  I’ve also carried extra layers with my on long runs just in case the weather changed.  I can run 3 miles in almost any conditions, but the long runs definitely make it harder!
  5. They talk about gross digestive stuff and don’t get embarrassed.  Oh, that Gu made you sick?  You’re adequately hydrated according to your pee color?  Thanks for letting everyone know!  And I’m not even being sarcastic, I am totally staying away from that Gu now so thank you for the advice  🙂
  6. They have to deal with non-runners who don’t care that they just ran a new personal distance today.  Because really it’s only interesting to the half marathoner.  I don’t blame the non-runners.  But non-runners will usually ask how fast you ran your half which is probably my least favorite conversation ever!  As if the speed I did those miles in even matters!
  7. They deal with all the drama that comes with running a race.  I’m taking about waking up early, meticulously eating the perfect pre-race meal, getting stuck in traffic, porta potty lines, and sometimes thousands of other people who might slow them down or give them a bad race experience.  And they do it because they really, really love running.  And because they want that PR and that medal.
  8. They keep training logs and follow training plans.  It’s kind of like homework, but for adults.  And they have way more fun completing their “assignments” than they did in school!
  9. They are really mentally tough.  Anyone who has encountered a hill at mile 11, run on a treadmill until it shut off and then had to turn it back on, or done a run in less-than-stellar conditions will understand this one.
  10. They run 13.1 miles!  That’s a crazy amount of miles and anyone who has done it should feel awesome!!!!

I’m still blown away that I’m able to call myself a half marathoner now, and I’m so grateful to every blogger who shared his or her half marathon experiences with me!  It’s not an easy decision to run a half marathon, but it’s definitely worth it!

worth it

Hopefully next week I’ll have something more exciting to talk about!  But until then, I’m totally going to talk about my race to anyone who is willing to listen.  Which is basically just my mom  🙂

Are you a half marathoner?  If so, what’s your favorite thing about it?  And am I getting annoying yet?  🙂

22 thoughts on “So…I’m a Half Marathoner!

  1. Great post and congrats!

    Completing a half is definitely on my long term goals list so reading this post made me realize just how much runners go through 🙂

    1. Thanks! I swear it’s fun too, I just never realized that there was so much to it. It’s also probably much better if training doesn’t happen during the winter and your race isn’t at 5:30 am in the most humid place in the US 🙂 Although if you’re going to do a half you should definitely consider a Disney race! It was really fun and really great for newbies like me!

    1. Thanks! You should definitely do one! Despite all the stuff I said, it wasn’t toooooooo hard, but just know that it’s a long process and there will be tough days. But it’s worth it! Do you have a race picked out yet?

  2. That’s awesome! Congratulations to you! Yes, I am a two-time half-marathoner. My first was incredible, my second… well, there were incredible parts. It’s a huge accomplishment and you should be very proud of yourself!

    1. Yay thanks! No one in real life really cares anymore (except my poor husband and my mom who keeps saying things like “Wow you ran far! I hope you’re not going to get sick from it!” or something random) so this blog is all I have left right now 🙂

    It certainly is an awesome accomplishment. A year before I ran my first, one of my friends ran her first. At the time, I have NO IDEA what a big deal it was…then I started training and was all, “this is no joke…”
    These days (3 full marathons later), 13.1 is not big deal to my body and my brain…but I remember the thrill and do a happy dance for all who accomplish this feat for the first (or second…or third) time. It certainly is something to get excited about. Run on with your bad self, Kristen. 🙂

    1. Yay thanks so much! It’s so good to hear that it gets easier! The long runs were tough at the end so that’s definitely good news! And I agree, watching friends do it I had no idea how tough it was!

    1. Thanks! Go for it! Seriously, it’s not that bad, especially if you have other bloggers to help you with all the confusing aspects of training and fueling and stuff like that.

  4. Yay! I feel like I was on cloud nine the whole week after my marathon! I know what you mean about the pace question from nonrunners. I always say I am running a “race,” but don’t really mean I am racing. They always think I am actually trying to win!

    1. Oh my god, Andrew’s grandma asked me how I thought I would do so I said “well probably under 3 hours” and she said “No, like do you think you’ll come in first or second?” I almost died! The winner of Princess finished in 1:10!!!! I had to laugh at that one! I hate when people only ask about my time and don’t seem to care that after training for months I actually completed a massive secret goal that I’ve had for years. Ugh.

  5. Congratulations on your first half! 🙂 I love the experience of half marathons. I take pictures and just take in the sights. I also love the hardware you earn at the end. 😛 The Princess last weekend was #20 for me and I’ve got 4 more planned in next 4 months. It’s easy to get addicted. Just remember to have fun with it and you may get hooked too.

  6. I love this 🙂 Congratulations again on your half marathon! I always forget that it’s not normal to talk about poop or our pee color to non-runners. I told strangers on the morning of the Princess Half that I probably over hydrated the day before because I was still peeing clear when I woke up. That’s not normal?

  7. Woo-hoo!!! Congrats on your first half 🙂 It is such a major accomplishment!!! My favorite line in your post, “When I started training I slowly began to realize how tough it is to train for a long distance, and once I crossed that finish line I totally understood why they choose to do it!” So – so – so true. It is such an amazing feeling when you cross that line and think of how far you’ve come!

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