Try New Things Tuesday: My Bucket List

Hey everyone!  Things are still pretty hectic over here in my apartment, and I realized yesterday that all of my attempts to try something new this week flew out the window on Friday when my kitchen wall and ceiling were demolished.  All I wanted to do was try not to cry as I heard how much damage the water had done to my kitchen!  But just because I didn’t get a chance to try something new this week doesn’t mean I can’t think about all the things I want to try, right?  In fact, I think this is the perfect time for me to reflect on what new things I’m interested in trying as I try to forget about how stressed out and angry I am over this stupid kitchen situation.  I mean, coming home to find that the construction workers threw your entire kitchen floor out the window into a huge pile in your front yard and left it there for days is enough to make anyone crazy!


So here is my official Try New Things Bucket List!  I’m going to attempt to try these new things throughout the year and hopefully I will learn some new skills and maybe find some new favorite activities!  And I’ll keep adding to this list as I discover more awesome new things to do in and around Philly!

Run Away With Me’s Try New Thing Tuesday Bucket List:

Take a yoga class
Go rock climbing
Try ice skating
Do a track workout
Try out even more new cross training workouts – spin class is up next!
Cook an entire meal from scratch and have it taste good
Go skiing
Learn how to make a yummy protein shake (my coworker wants to help me with this one!)
Run a virtual race
Learn how to Stand Up Paddleboard
Join a running group
Create an original cookie recipe
Go backpacking

What new thing are you hoping to try soon?  Have you ever done anything on my bucket list?  What should I try first?

15 thoughts on “Try New Things Tuesday: My Bucket List

  1. Hoe fun I love your bucket list of new things! I’ve done like 9 of those things and can tell you you’re gonna have a blast checking them all off! Especially rock climbing and backpackin. Oh and the satisfaction of cooking an entire meal from scratch! Good luck and can’t wait to hear about them all!

    1. I actually went outdoor rock climbing before and it was so crazy that I swore I would never do it again! I recently learned that there’s a ladies night at a local rock climbing gym so that’s going to be the new thing I try. I heard it’s easier to do it indoors 🙂 I can’t wait until it gets warm so I can try backpacking!

  2. Spinning is on my list of things to try too!
    I love the idea of trying a recipe from scratch, I can’t wait to see what you make.
    You definitely have to go stand-up paddleboarding (or SUP as the cool kids call it, lol). It’s a great core workout and a perfect way to enjoy nice summer weather 🙂

    1. Haha I was going to put SUP but didn’t want to confuse anyone! I heard you can do SUP yoga, how crazy would that be? I doubt I could even stand up on the board let alone do yoga!

  3. I LOVE backpacking! I hope you get to go soon! I have about a bajillion things that I want to try and places I want to experience. But basically, if I haven’t done it and it sounds exciting/interesting, it’s on my bucket list. I love getting new experiences under my belt!

    1. Me too! My actual real-life bucket list (not the “try new things” list for this blog) is massive and I just keep adding to it! I’ve been wanting to go backpacking forever and I seriously can’t wait until it gets warmer so I can try it out! There’s a 4-day trail in PA (the Loyalsock Trail) that I’ve wanted to do ever since I was a teenager but no one was willing to go with me. It’s crazy steep but I really want to do it!

    1. I am totally going to try that ASAP! Shake Shack has a running club that meets on the second Tuesday of each month, and all runners get a free drink (beer, wine, milkshake) of their choice after the run. If I can’t join a once a month group that offers free milkshakes then clearly I should retire from running 🙂

    1. We got use of our refrigerator back today! But yeah, looks like it will still be a few weeks until it’s back to normal. At least I can drink cold water now!

  4. Great list! I’ve done a few of them, but you have one on there that I am hoping to try in March, stand up paddle board:)
    I think you’ll have a lot of fun creating an original cookie recipe!
    You’ll love backpacking, I’ve done it pretty much my entire life. Pick a great place! If you live near Utah, we have some amazing backpacking trails! have fun!!!

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