Fabulous Friday!

Hey everyone!  It’s finally FRIDAY!  Why is today so fabulous?

1.  I’ve scared myself almost every day this week.

Remember this post where I talked about doing things that scare you?  Well I’m totally into it right now!  Last weekend I was being lazy and spending a bunch of time online and I found out two amazing things:  there is a new Barre3 studio that opened in Berwyn on Monday, and they’re offering FREE classes all week, and there is a spin studio only 10 minutes from my office that is offering all of their “new” classes for FREE until the 25th!  So Tuesday was my free spin class day, and today I managed to get off the wait list and into the free 4:30 Barre3 class!  My muscles hate me right now but they’ll have to suck it up.  Look out for a blog post next week with details on how these classes went!  Yay for FINALLY starting to add cross training into my life!

2.  $1 any size coffee at Wawa is back!

This is the best time of the year, hands down:  any size coffee at Wawa only costs $1.  Yep, even the really big one.  Wawa makes so much money off of me every January!

20140117-001932.jpgHazelnut + low fat french vanilla creamer = happiness

3.  I learned why people love long runs.

Yesterday I had the amazing opportunity to run my 4.5 mile run outside at Ridley Creek State Park!  It’s right down the street from my office and the 4.3 mile exercise trail can easily be made into a 4.5 mile run.  I’ve blogged about that super big 1 mile long hill that starts off this run before, and I have to say that it still intimidates me every time I try it!  Yesterday I totally destroyed that hill and then went on to run the fastest 4.5 miles I’ve ever done.  My average pace was 10:33 and I managed to come in under 10 minutes per mile on 2 out of 4.5 miles!  What!!!!  That is FAST for me and I couldn’t believe how fast I was able to do it and how alive I felt after the run – as opposed to the dead feeling I sometimes feel after my long runs!  Now I understand why people do long weekend runs – because you can run your “short” 4.5 milers super fast!


Look at that hill!  I know it makes me a stronger runner but…ouch.

4.  I won another totally sweet giveaway!

I’ve won some awesome giveaways ever since I started blogging, and yesterday I got my latest giveaway prize from Kelsey who blogs over at Fueling Strong!  She had a giveaway hosted by Core Power for a whole set of workout gear and a sample of their protein drinks.  I thought the giveaway sounded interesting and figured I could use a new set of workout gear, and I’m so glad I entered because here was my prize!


As I unpacked my prize I started screaming with excitement because not only did it come with a new yoga mat in its own carrier (which fits into the gym bag!), a stability ball, and a sweat towel, it also game with a really nice Camelbak insulated water bottle and a gym bag that has a separate compartment for my running shoes!  How awesome is that!

20140117-001951.jpgI used my non running shoes so you could see them in there!  So excited!!!

I’ll be trying the protein shakes next week and I’ll update everyone on how they taste and if they help with my run recovery!  And I’ve seen a lot of these Core Power giveaways all over the internet so if you see one of them you should totally enter!

5.  My spring race schedule is finally coming together!

I’ve got this big goal to run 14 in 2014, and after not signing up for any January races I decided I needed to start registering for the spring race season asap!  Here’s my schedule so far:

  • 2/8:  Abominable Slowman 5k in Wayne, PA
  • 2/23:  Disney Princess Half Marathon in Orlando, FL – my first half marathon ever!
  • 3/9:  St. Patrick’s Day 8k in Washington DC  – this is an awesome opportunity to visit my best friend and do another out of state race!
  • 3/30:  The Love Run Half Marathon in Philadelphia, PA thanks to my awesome free race entry
  • 4/13:  Hershey 10k in Hershey, PA with the fabulous Lindsay from Lindsay Weighs In!
  • 5/4:  Broad Street Run 10 miler in Philadelphia, PA – I know the lottery hasn’t opened yet but I am doing this race somehow!  I will seriously do a fundraising entry if necessary.  If you’ve ever done one of those for Broad Street please share your experiences!

It’s a pretty busy race schedule but I like the mix of shorter races with the longer ones.  Plus 4 of those races come with bling!

Now it’s your turn to tell me why your Friday is fabulous!  Have you ever taken a free workout class?  What’s your favorite place to get coffee?  What races are you doing this spring?

21 thoughts on “Fabulous Friday!

    1. Yay for Disney runners! But boo for no Hershey 10k. I know they’ve got a half marathon there in the fall (with a chocolate aid station! What!) so you should try to do that instead!

  1. Sounds like you’ve had a really good week! And also, despite us being close proximity wise, I won’t be at any of those races. BOO. I love the Broad Street run but I’ll be doing DC the weekend before so I think I’m going to sit this one out this year. It’s such a good race, it makes me sad to miss it!

    Also, thanks for your love and support about my pup. Still sort of wrapping my head around everything and I have moments of hot messedness (that’s not a word, is it?) but I really appreciate the sweet message – it definitely helps. xo

    1. Boo for not having a chance to meet up this spring! But I am super jealous you’re doing DC! I forgot to put my name in for the lottery but then realized that this is the first year I’m going to be physically able to do Broad Street (last year I was not up to 10 miles yet!) so I’m hoping I can get in!

      And seriously your post made me cry 😦 When my childhood dog died I was away at college in Pittsburgh and I went crazy just screaming at everyone that I needed to drive home (even though it’s not like I could see him one last time). I was a mess for a while. I know that nothing I say can make you feel better but I’m hoping that you’ll slowly start feeling back to normal!

  2. What a great week, lots of reasons to celebrate a Fabulous Friday! 🙂 This Friday is fabulous because it’s a three day weekend coming up! Gotta love those. Only one race scheduled so far and it’s at the end of February so maybe that’s not really spring. I do plan on doing one in March that has a hill named “The Beast”, there is a reason I haven’t signed up yet….

    1. Yay for a three day weekend! I unfortunately have to work Monday, boo. And good luck with that beast hill! I totally recommend doing a test run on that hill before the race so you know that you can do it! Hills are the worst!

    1. Yeah, that hill is probably the worst hill I’ve ever run. I try not to do it too often because it takes so long to get up it!

  3. I love going to Ridley Creek State Park on my lunch breaks! Sometimes I go there and just eat by myself or take a nice long walk. It’s right down the street from my office too : ) beautiful place to run and there’s always friendly people and dogs. I’m totally looking forward to the Mudrella competition this spring..It looks SO FUN.

    1. No way!!!! I love that park! I did my first 5k there (super hilly as you can imagine!) and I even got married there! I usually do most of my running there because it’s so pretty, especially along the creek! Jealous you can eat your lunch there!

    1. I’M SO EXCITED! So much chocolate and SPA awesomeness! And you should totally run Broad Street for your birthday present 😛

  4. I know so many ppl who love the Broad St run, I have never done it, although totally would like too! And I miss Wawa! 😦 I don’t live or work near one anymore, and it really sucks, I have to make my own coffee!

    1. I’ve never done it either! It’s the big thing though, so everyone always talks about it and obviously getting to run it is a big deal now! I have no idea how you live without Wawa. I would die without their coffee!

  5. What a great week! That gym bag is amazing I am so jealous!!! I am so excited for the Love Run! We are going to a kick off party/run this morning in Haddonfield. I cannot wait!

    1. OMG what! I would love to go to Love Run events! I try to avoid going into Jersey because of the tolls but I totally want to go to the next one! Let me know if there are any more coming up!

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