Wednesday Wisdom: Rest Days are Kinda Cool

Hey everyone!  Quick post here:  I’m still sick, and due to doing that Barre3 workout Monday I am SORE.  That workout kills your thighs and my butt is seriously feeling it!  Yesterday I was standing for 3 hours today at work and my left leg started to hurt so bad that I was unable to walk without pain (which made my sprint across the parking lot to my car in -19 weather really rough).  So I came home, laid down on the couch with a massage pillow on my lower back, and did nothing all night.  That’s right, I ignored that 4 mile run on my training plan and just crashed all night watching Dance Moms and catching up on blog reading.  Now, clearly I am switching all my workout days around in that training plan to fit my schedule, but I’m not really due for a rest day until Friday.  This, combined with the recently ended 35 day run streak and the realization that Disney Princess is 46 days away made me go a bit crazy. How can I afford to lay around watching moms fight with each other over their kids’ dance skills while there are other people out there running?  And when last week I would have been one of them, just streaking away without a care in the world?

That’s when I realized 2 important pieces of wisdom that I’d like to share with you today:

1.  Rest days are pretty important.  Like, really really important.  Too many rest days for no reason are a bad idea, but taking rest days when I’m sick, feeling sore, or both (like yesterday) is a good idea and will only help me feel better when I actually do lace up for my next run.  Runner’s World of course has some fabulous articles about this to prove my point, including this article that states that taking 1 rest day per week will “prevent overuse injuries, restore glycogen stores, and prevent mental burnout”.  I also loved this Runner’s World article, Time to Rest?, which basically answers the question “Should I run today?” by letting you tally up how many symptoms you have and based on your score it lets you know if a rest day is a good idea.  For the record, I had 5 symptoms on there yesterday.  Yeah, it was a rough day for my body and a rest day was definitely necessary.  Although instead of completely taking the day off, I did spend some quality time with my foam roller and Foot Rubz which made my muscles feel a lot better.  I haven’t really taken a rest day since before the streak, and it’s so weird to not be going for a run every day.  I guess running is a tough habit to break!

rest dayOkay rest day, you’re kinda cool

2.  Not everyone is at the same place in the running journey as I am.  This is so hard for me to remember, especially now that I’m blogging about running.  I see so many of you awesome ladies out there running when you’re tired, sick, or cold and I think that I should be doing it too.  But maybe the person who is doing that stuff is much farther along in their running journey and can handle a little cold mixed in with some soreness and tiredness and still be fine to do 4 miles.  I’m not there yet, and I have to respect what my body is telling me even if all I want to do is run.  And honestly, I tried working out on Monday and while I loved the way I felt during and after the workout, I’m so tired and sick now that I couldn’t imagine doing that again yesterday.  Which is a shame, because there were 2 Dance Moms episodes on yesterday, aka the best treadmill running entertainment ever.  Oh well, there will be more Dance Moms next Tuesday night, so now I have something to look forward to!

vivianneVivi was always my favorite because she literally did not care about anything her crazy mom did!  Bring back Vivi-Anne!

Hopefully I’ll be feeling back to normal by tonight so that I can fit in those 4 miles that I skipped yesterday!  I know that I still have a lot of time left until Disney Princess, so in the mean time you should all tell me stories about how awesome it is so I can start getting excited about it!  My training plan has me stopping at 10 miles in training (although I’m moving weeks around due to races and a small taper at the end), have you ever done a training plan that did that?  How did it work out?  Share your wisdom with me!

Bonus wisdom for all my Dance Moms fans out there:  I wish I had found this last night!


Do you run when you’re sick?  Any half marathon advice, especially Disney Princess?  And who watched Dance Moms last night?

6 thoughts on “Wednesday Wisdom: Rest Days are Kinda Cool

    1. Haha thanks! I’m trying. I may have cried a bit and had a tiny breakdown over messing up my training plan and probably not being able to do my half marathon, but I’m okay now 🙂 Reality TV always makes me feel better!

  1. Congrats on reaching that sub 30 goal back in October! I was so excited to make it happen, and hopefully it happens more this coming year!!

    Rest days are my favorite! 😀

    I love your sense of humor about everything, and I hope you’re feeling better very soon!

    1. Thanks! I’m actually feeling much better right now and it might have something to do with the fact that I finally ran today! 🙂 I also am hoping to get more sub-30 5ks done this year! I swear I have some kind of mental block up in my mind that won’t let me get under 30 minutes. I’ve done quite a few 5ks that were between 30:30 and 30:06 (seriously, I was that close) so I swear that my body is just messing with me. Running is such a crazy mind game sometimes!

  2. The past few months the words out of my mouth have been “what is tapering?” I’m running the Glass Slipper challenge, but before that I’m running a half Feb. 2 and Ragnar Feb. 7-9 so my taper will be a week long. I personally like to run the full distance on a training run so that my brain KNOWS that I can cover the time and distance, but I also know a lot of people whose training takes them to 9 miles.

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