Runner’s World Holiday Run Streak: Week #3

I can’t believe we are heading into our fourth week of run streaking!  It feels like we just started, but we only have 13 days left!  How have I done over the last week?

Thursday 12/12:  2 miles outside (yay for an outside run!)

Friday 12/13:  1 mile on the treadmill

Saturday 12/14:  1 mile on the treadmill

Sunday 12/15:  7 miles outside at Forbidden Drive (in the snow!)

Monday 12/16:  1 mile on the treadmill

Tuesday 12/17:  2 miles on the treadmill

Wednesday 12/18:  3 miles on the treadmill

Total miles for the week:  17

Total miles for the streak:  49.1

This is my largest week of milage EVER and I’m so happy!  I definitely met my goals of adding at least one mile this week and running outside at least once this week.  I’m so proud of my 7 miler in the snow on Sunday (a distance PR for me!) and I’m hoping I can repeat it this weekend!

20131215-215718.jpgOne of the many fabulous views during that run.  I would run here every day if I could!

The bad news is that ever since I finished that 7 miler, I have been soooooo tired and sluggish.  Maybe it’s all the cookies I ate at my company fundraiser on Monday.  Or the fact that I go to bed around midnight every night for no logical reason except that it’s the holidays and I’m trying to fit baking, run streaking, blogging, and holiday events into my already busy days.  Whatever it is, I’m feeling very tired and my last 3 days of running have been pretty slow.  I’m hoping with all my days off next week I’ll be able to bounce back and gain more energy!  There were a few days this week that I wanted to give up, but luckily this run streak is keeping me accountable and I don’t think I can give up now.  But to be honest, I’m not sure if I’ll keep streaking once January 1st rolls around.  I’m glad I’m doing this right now (otherwise I would have skipped, oh, the last 10 days of running) but I’m ready for a rest day.

My goals for week number 4 are going to be pretty tame because I’ve got a lot going on!  My sister is coming home from Milwaukee on Friday, my husband’s birthday is on Monday, and we all know that Christmas Eve and Christmas are going to be tough days to fit in a run.  So here are my goals:  continue the streak no matter what I have planned, run at least 14 miles, and try to run outside at least once.  With the heat wave that’s coming to Philly this weekend, that shouldn’t be a problem!

How is your run streak going?  What are your goals for next week?

15 thoughts on “Runner’s World Holiday Run Streak: Week #3

  1. It’s gonna be WARM!!! I heard 70’s around here for Sunday. Let’s melt all this snow! Great job on the 7 miles and it sounds like your streak is going great! I also go to bed super late for no apparent reason. It’s a hard habit to break too.

    1. I’m glad I’m not the only one going to bed way too late 🙂 And even though I love the pretty snow, I do think that running on a snow-free trail might be nice this weekend! Plus I plan on running in capris and a t-shirt and I’m pretty excited about getting to do that in December!

  2. Congratulations on the 7 miles. Extra congratulations for not giving up even when you were tired. That is some serious self discipline. Keep it up! Enjoy the warm weather! I am looking forward to a nice long run outside tomorrow!

  3. Woohoo, congrats on meeting your goals! I was sick at the beginning of the week, so I stuck to 1-2 milers. Looking forward to my long run tomorrow morning.

    As far as the streak goes, I just want to get it done. I’m so ready for a rest day or three.

    Enjoy your warm weather!

    1. That’s how I’m feeling right now – I’ve been pushing myself so hard with work and running and Christmas stuff that I spent all weekend feeling sick. This entire week of run streaking has been filled with 1 mile runs so far!

    1. Yeah I know how you feel, it’s tough when you feel like you’re forcing yourself to do something you love. I think next week’s recap may be a bit less positive than this one!

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