Runner’s World Holiday Run Streak: Week #2

I seriously can’t believe I’ve been streaking for 2 weeks now!  My first week was really rough, but I can tell that all that initial foam rolling and icing has helped a lot because this week has been so much easier!  Here’s my milage recap:

Thursday 12/5:  1 mile on the treadmill

Friday 12/6:  1 mile on the treadmill

Saturday 12/7:  3 miles at the Ugly Sweater Run in Fairmount Park!

Sunday 12/8:  1 mile on the treadmill

Monday 12/9: 4 miles on the treadmill

Tuesday 12/10:  1 mile on the treadmill

Wednesday 12/11:  4 miles on the treadmill

Total milage for the week:   16 miles

Total milage for the Run Streak:  32.1 miles

How did I do with last week’s goals?  Well, not so good.  I wanted to increase my milage by one mile (didn’t happen), run a super fast mile (didn’t happen, I want this to happen outside but not with all the snow and ice on the ground!) and I wanted to run more outside (didn’t happen because of all the snow/ice/late hours at work).  I can’t blame weather and use it as an excuse, but it looks like that’s what I’m doing this week.  Oh well, I can’t dwell on that because I have so much to be proud of!  This is once again one of the highest milage weeks I’ve ever had and I’m actually feeling really good and a lot stronger!  I’m still foam rolling at least once a day and it’s much less painful than it was last week!

I hate to sound corny, but I think doing the run streak is one of the best things I’ve ever done.  I’ve always tried to do monthly milage goals but ultimately something happened that made me decide to skip many runs each week which always put me under my goal.  With this challenge, I never have to think “Hmmm should I run today?  Do I need the miles?  Am I too tired?” because it doesn’t matter – I HAVE to run every day no matter what.  And strangely that has been a really relaxing and calming thing for me.  There’s no question about “Should I?”, now it’s “How long?” or “Inside or outside?”.  Or usually, “What crazy reality TV show should I watch while running today?”.  My new current obsessions:  Generation Cryo (MTV, Monday nights at 10:00), Duck Dynasty (A&E, it’s on almost every night!), and whatever amazing Christmas show is on ABC Family’s The 25 Days of Christmas each night.  Tuesday night I ran while watching The Year Without A Santa Claus and I definitely spent some time dancing to the Snow Miser’s song before I started foam rolling!

snowmiserI’m definitely on Team Snow Miser – who would want a green Christmas?

I’m terrible at following goals, but here are some for next week that I think I can do:  actually increase my milage by at least 1 mile (I’m due for a long run so this should happen!), do cross training 1 day next week using some ideas from yesterday’s blog post, and do at least 1 run outside.  Philly is due for even more snow this weekend which is very exciting for my Christmas spirit but a bit annoying because all my favorite running trails are already covered in snow and I’ll have to be super careful!  I will hopefully be able to get some miles done on the Schyulkill River Trail this weekend without falling on my face!

I’ve joined up with some other fabulous run streakers for a link up party!  If you’re streaking make sure to link up so we can all check out each other’s progress!


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One last thought – if you’re looking for a fabulous new running headband to get you through the run streak, enter my giveaway here!  You could win a Brooks Infiniti Headband!  Happy streaking everyone!

Fellow run streakers – how was week #2?  Do you have any goals for next week?

17 thoughts on “Runner’s World Holiday Run Streak: Week #2

  1. I think it sounds like you had a great week! I have been using the weather as an excuse too, but I think it’s a legit one. Treadmill miles still count just as much and I’m not trying to slip and break my face and end the streak right there.

    I’m so glad you linked up! I don’t think you sound corny at all. I am LOVING this and think it’s one of the best things I’ve ever done too!

    1. Yay! It’s so awesome to find other people who don’t think I’m crazy! My friends don’t understand it at all and I’m not even going to tell my mom because I know she’ll think I’m going to get injured or something. Non runners just don’t understand 🙂

      And I’m glad other people are using the treadmill a lot this week, there is so much ice out there right now!

  2. Great job with the streak!! A mile is a mile whether it’s outside or inside…and the weather has been treacherous, so safety trumps all! I think all but one of my runs last week was inside, and it looks to be the same for the upcoming week if the forecast is accurate. I am also really loving the streak, much more than I thought I would.

    1. Thanks! I’m glad I can justify all the inside running – I hate reading about all the badass people out there who ran in the snow because I’m so jealous of how brave they are and I feel like a wimp. But at least on my treadmill I know I’m safe and I want to get through the streak in one piece!

  3. Nice job this week! I can’t believe we’ve been running every day for 2 weeks – it’s pretty cool to be able to say that 🙂
    I completely agree with you that it’s almost easier to wake up knowing we have to do a mile no matter what. There are definitely days I would’ve stayed glued to the couch if it wasn’t for this streak!

  4. Yep, same here! It’s not even a question anymore and I don’t even mind fitting it in! The only days I really wanted to skip it were when I couldn’t find anything good to watch on tv during my run!

  5. Girllll, I love the treadmill. You’re getting it done, and that’s all that matters. My streak is going well too. I haven’t counted my total miles yet, but I’m trying to stay with my “regular” 4 day schedule and add in one to two milers on the other days. I only really care about maintaining my long runs though. (I’ll be at Princess too!) I’m starting to worry about where I’m going to fit it in on Christmas day though.

    You’re so right about it being easy because we just have to do it- that’s the whole reason I decided to streak in the first place.

  6. Thanks! I know a mile is a mile but some hardcore runners might beg to differ 🙂 At least I’m still streaking and I know that’s all that matters! I forgot about Christmas running! I guess I’ll be squeezing it in either after opening presents (running related presents hopefully!) or way late at night. Does it count if I start at 11:59pm? 😛

  7. Great job! Unfortunately the streak hasn’t worked out too well for me. I was getting really stressed out about getting runs in (which is ridiculous since it’s just running), so on Thursday I decided to quit and just run what I want when I want. Initially I was bummed, but I feel so much better now that the pressure is off. And do not feel bad about running indoors. Safety should always come first and you can’t run if you’re hurt. Keep and the great work and good luck!

    1. Me too! I actually ran today in the snow/ice and it was my longest run ever! I’ll have more details up next week! I’m glad your streak is going well!

  8. Sounds like it was a pretty good week! With this wintery weather, I have been hitting the treadmill more too. I think safety comes first! You definitely don’t want to hurt yourself and have to take a break from running! Keep up the good work!

    1. Thanks! Yeah treadmill running is definitely better than wiping out in a pile of snow. Plus it’s much less cold inside my apartment!

  9. My streak is rocking on and I’m going strong on day 18. It’s mostly treadmill and that is a-okay with me. 🙂

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