Wednesday Wisdom: Time to Switch it Up

Hey everyone!  As you all know, I’m participating in the Runner’s World Holiday Run streak, meaning that I need to run at least 1 mile every day.  Now that I am almost 2 weeks into the streak (holy cow!), I’m feeling pretty good!  My legs are much less sore, I’m not nearly as tired as I was last week, and I’m able to sustain longer distances even without my rest days.  But there’s one thing that’s bothering me about the streak, and that’s the lack of any other type of exercise.  When I know I need to get some miles done, I’m much more likely to hang out on the couch being lazy and reading blog posts until it’s time to go for my nightly run.  But on the days where I just run 1 mile, is there something else I can be doing to keep myself more active?

One thing that always seems to be missing from my weekly workouts are cross training days.  What is cross training?  It’s when someone who is training in one specific sport (such as running) does a few workouts a week that are not part of their usual sport.  So as a runner, I need to do a few workouts each week that aren’t running.  Popsugar has this awesome article that explains why cross training is a good idea for all athletes, not just runners.  As a runner I’m constantly using my legs to workout, and my knees are usually begging for a rest once in a while!  So taking a few days to do a different type of workout sounds like a great idea to me.  Plus it will make me a more well-rounded athlete, prevent injury, and keep me from getting burnt out on running all the time (not that it’s happened yet, but I don’t ever want to get to that point!).


Right now I’m logging at least a mile a day, so on a few of my shorter run days I think I can handle a bit more (seriously, during the streak I’m not looking for anything too strenuous).  And I need your help! My current mini stockpile of cross training workouts include yoga for runners (I have to thank a ton of my Sweat Pink Ambassadors for suggesting that to me!) and hiking.  So I’d love some suggestions on what you do to cross train, how you fit it into your busy life, and what benefits you’ve gotten from cross training.  Bonus points for anyone who suggests cross training ideas that I can do without having access to a gym!

Also, if you haven’t entered my holiday giveaway go here and check it out!  You could win a Brooks Inifiniti Headband (which I’m sure would work well with cross training too  🙂 )

What are your favorite non-running activities?  Share your cross training advice with me!

15 thoughts on “Wednesday Wisdom: Time to Switch it Up

      1. Ah, that’s a shame you don’t have access to one! Something to keep in mind though. I would have recommended yoga, as it’s definitely my favourite form of exercise, but you said you already do that!

  1. Do some upper body resistance work (with light weights and lots of reps) and some ab work…you can do it at home and it will help your running as well. I use fitness dvds a lot in the winter, some of them have some great (and relatively quick) weights and abs workouts 🙂

  2. My favorite cross train is yoga, but I also do a lot of videos at home after my toddler goes to bed. If you haven’t checked out Blogilates on YouTube yet, I highly rec them! She has some seriously challenging workouts on there! I give her partial credit for my abs. 🙂

    1. I know how you feel, all I ever do is run too! I know it’s good to run a lot but I do want to mix it up! Plus my arms are super weak so I need to work on that 🙂

    1. Those are some good ideas! Over the summer I used to come home from running and do planks/push ups but eventually I fell out of doing that. I think I’ll start adding that stuff to my 1 mile days!

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