Runner’s World Holiday Run Streak: Week #1

I can’t believe I’m already done with the first week of the Runner’s World Holiday Run Streak!  I was so nervous before the streak started because I didn’t know what to expect, but I’m feeling pretty good right now!  28 more days to go!  Here’s a recap of my daily milage:

11/28:  3.1 miles at the Flippin’ Fun Turkey Run 5k

11/29:  1 mile on the treadmill

11/30:  6 miles on the Valley Forge National Park River Trail

12/1:  1 mile on the treadmill

12/2:  1 mile on the treadmill

12/3:  1 mile on the treadmill

12/4:  3 miles on the treadmill

Total milage for the week:  16.1 miles

As I explained yesterday, running every day was a bit tougher to get used to than I thought.  Saturday through Monday was so painful that I was foam rolling and icing twice a day to feel better.  But I think all of those 1 mile days really helped, because yesterday my legs felt much stronger and I was able to go 3 miles without having any pain!  I’m pretty sure that 16.1 miles is a new record for most miles I’ve done in a week, which is really exciting!  I’m sure that next week I’ll be able to do a few more!

My goals for next week are to increase my milage by at least 1 mile, run at least 1 mile workout as fast as I can (because when else do you ever have time to sprint as fast as you can for 1 mile?), and to do more runs outside.  The treadmill is where I do the majority of my runs because of my random work schedule and the fact that I love running at night while watching reality TV, but I always have more fun running outside!


Shoutout to all my Sweat Pink Ambassadors who are streaking with me, as well as the girls in the Challenge Loop that I’m in!  We’ve got this!

How was the first week of your run streak?

6 thoughts on “Runner’s World Holiday Run Streak: Week #1

    1. Same here! I’ve never run so many days in a row but I’m glad I’m getting off the couch and doing it every day! I don’t have to worry about “should I workout today?” because I know I have to run!

  1. Awesome job, lady! I agree that the short 1-milers are great for getting everything loosened up! I love your week 2 goals!

    My first week was great! I was looking forward to getting out on the trail for a run today, but it might be a treadmill day again. So much fog and rain around here!

    1. Hey, I don’t mind the short treadmill runs! If you can watch tv while doing it, it makes it more bearable, especially for only 1 or 2 miles. But yeah it’s raining today here in Philly so I know I where I’ll be running later!

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