Weekend Recap and Some Monday Motivation!

Hey everyone! After a nice little break from work/blogging for the past 4 days, I’m back in the swing of things! Here’s how I spent my Thanksgiving break:

Thanksgiving: After spending the night at my parent’s house in Reading, I woke up early for my Turkey Trot, the Flippin’ Fun Turkey Run 5k in Wyomissing. My race recap will be up soon!

20131202-000422.jpg3.1 cold miles to start off my Runner’s World Holiday Run Streak!

I then helped make homemade mashed potatoes and Red Lobster cheddar rolls (best rolls EVER!) and had a really yummy Thanksgiving lunch with my family. Then my husband and I drove over to his sister’s house in Warrington and had Thanksgiving/Hanukkah dinner! I barely had any room for more than a tiny bit more turkey and a latke, but I did eat some of my Sister In Law’s insanely delicious homemade pumpkin cheesecake!


What I’m thankful for:  my dog Bella! (she was so impatient for us to all sit down so that I could feed her turkey under the table!  She’s so smart!)

Black Friday: I bought a new MacBook Air for $150 off since my current MacBook has been acting up for months now! It’s 5 years old so I’m excited for the upgrade. I also bought CamelBak backpacks for Andrew and I for less than $50 each, Yaktrax Run shoe covers so that I can run in the snow for only $28, and some surprises for my husband! And I did it all online so I didn’t have to fight any crazy people. I ran 1 mile on the treadmill to keep my RW Run Streak going strong.

Saturday: Andrew and I went for a run on the River Trail in Valley Forge National Park. Andrew wanted to run 3 miles and I wanted to do 6, so we ran the first 1.5 miles out together. It was nice having a running buddy, and he kept me running at a slower pace for a really nice warmup. The muscles on the back of my left knee have been killing me lately, so I took it slow for the first 4 miles and then pushed it in the last 2 miles. I had to foam roll like crazy and then ice the back of my knee, but luckily it’s feeling a bit better!

Sunday: I ran 1 mile on the treadmill, and then went Christmas shopping! I also bought some supplies to make a really sweet outfit for the Ugly Sweater Run next Saturday. Goodwill didn’t have any good ugly sweaters so I’m making my own outfit with a little help from Pinterest. I’m also very happy to announce that Sunday was our 6 month wedding anniversary! I’m so happy to be married to such an amazing guy.


Now it’s time for a little Monday Motivation to start out the week!  I plan on keeping the running streak going strong but I’m going to need a little motivation to do that.  Even though I’m feeling a bit more tired and achey (especially on my left leg/hip) than usual due to the increase in milage, I’m feeling much happier, relaxed, and a bit stronger already!  So I’m excited to make every day this month a good day with a run!  Who else is with me?


How was your Thanksgiving break?  Did you get any running deals on Black Friday?  And how is your Holiday Running Streak going?

8 thoughts on “Weekend Recap and Some Monday Motivation!

    1. Yaaaaaaay! We should meet up or something! What are you going to wear? All the Goodwills in DelCo were sold out of ugly sweaters so I’m trying to get creative!

  1. Super jealous of your Black Friday deals… I’ve been drooling over a new MacBook but just can’t bite the bullet… maybe Santa will bring me one 😉

    1. I felt the same way, and then a chunk of my computer fell off and I was unable to upload pictures to facebook because my computer doesn’t support it anymore. So I didn’t really have a choice! I’m going to go poor over it but luckily Best Buy hooked me up with a really good deal! Good luck with Santa!

  2. Looking forward to your Turkey Trot race recap!
    I want to do an ugly sweater run! Maybe next year. How funny that you couldn’t find any ugly sweaters at Goodwill 😛
    Day 5 of the streak and I’m going strong! (Though I feel more tired from running daily – wonder how I’ll feel 20 days in?) I hope your left leg feels 100% better soon =)

    1. You should check it out! They’re all over the country so there might be one by you! And yeah, I was really mad at Goodwill. I found a few ugly ones, but none were ugly enough! Walmart had the best options but they were $18 and I just couldn’t justify that! I also wonder how I’ll feel in 15 days – I’m feeling so tired and achey, but also a bit stronger if that makes sense. Good luck with your streaking!

  3. Hi Kristen!
    The Holiday Streak is alive and well. A little thing called the blizzard challenged my resolve yesterday but I got that mile in and a little some down in the record books 🙂
    Have a fantastic week!

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