Wednesday Wisdom: Pumpkin Is Healthy!

Hey everyone!  I know everyone is super busy cooking, traveling, and drinking today (Wooohooo no work tomorrow!  But I do have a 5k and sadly won’t be drinking with my friends) but I wanted to share 3 quick things with you today:

1.  I’m excited about the amount of people I know who are doing the Runner’s World Holiday Running Streak with me!  I’ve got a lot of my Sweat Pink Ambassadors who will be helping me through it – thanks to Lindsay from Lindsay Weighs In for creating the SPA Running Streak group!  I also joined up with a Challenge Loop hosted by Karen Loves to Run and Run Stretch Go!  Click here if you want to join in on the streaking fun and possibly win some money!  And if you’re streaking, follow me on twitter @runawaywithkk and make sure to use the hashtag #RWrunstreak when talking about your runs!

2.  With all of the unhealthy foods and overeating that we’re going to be doing all day tomorrow (I’m going to eat Thanksgiving dinner twice since my parents and Andrew’s parents live only an hour away!) I know you’re all a bit worried about staying healthy.  Well don’t worry, because guess what – pumpkin stuff is actually good for you!  According to this article by Runner’s World, foods that contain pumpkin actually can help make you a better runner!  Check out the article, and make sure to brag about how much you’re helping your running routine by eating some of that pumpkin pie!  (But as you can see in the article, those pumpkin donuts aren’t really helping too much, so eat them in moderation!)

3.  I’m so excited for the Flippin’ Fun Turkey Run 5k tomorrow in Wyomissing, PA!  I’m packing my heavy duty running clothes since it’s going to be such a cold race.  I’m so excited to burn some calories before digging in to all that turkey, mashed potatos, and pumpkin cheesecake!


What’s your favorite pumpkin food/drink?  Are you doing a Turkey Trot tomorrow?  And who’s joining me in the RW Running Streak?

8 thoughts on “Wednesday Wisdom: Pumpkin Is Healthy!

  1. Good luck on your 5K tomorrow (and stay warm)! Once you find a pair of gloves you like you’ll have to share your thoughts – I need some too. Those stretchy cotton gloves from Target are so cheap – but so not helpful for a run.

    1. Thanks! I’m going to be wearing my stretchy gloves again tomorrow (boo) but as soon as I find better ones I’ll let you know!

  2. I am doing a Turkey Trot tomorrow. I am traveling all the way to Ohio to run it with my friend. I love almost everything pumpkin, but my absolute favorite would have to be pumpkin scones!

    1. Wow that is dedication, driving all the way to Ohio! Have fun! And I’m glad you like everything pumpkin. I’ve never had pumpkin scones so I need to try that!

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