Weekend Recap and Winter Running Advice Needed!

Hey everyone!  I hope you all had a fabulous weekend!  I’m excited that Philly is finally seeing some winter weather!  We definitely saw a few snow flakes on Saturday night which got me pretty excited for winter  🙂  On Saturday I went for a hike along the Wissahickon Creek in Philly with my husband and 2 of my coworkers!  The original plan was to hike on some of the trails on the hills bordering the creek, but then I found out that my one friend is terrified of heights so we ended up just doing 4 miles on Forbidden Drive.  It’s a very flat, wide, stone-covered trail that follows the creek.  The views were so pretty and even though it was chilly it was a great day for a hike!


20131125-000707.jpgWalking on the rocks in the middle of the creek!

20131125-000657.jpgMy husband down by the creek ( I was up on the stone bridge)

On Sunday I planned on running 6 miles outside, but it was SO COLD and windy!  Temps were in the teens which surprised me since last monday it was 65 and I wore a t shirt on my run.  I had packed some running clothes to change into after we finished running all of our errands, but I realized that the stuff I had packed wasn’t going to cut it for an hour outside in the wind.  So my treadmill got a bit more use than I wanted it to.  I love being outside, even when it’s cold, so here’s where I need help:  what are your best suggestions for winter running clothes?  I’ve got tons of fleece lined running tights, Under Armour Heat Gear tops, and an ear warmer (that thing is my bff!) but here’s where I need some help:

1.  Gloves – what kind of gloves do you wear?  Are they good at blocking the wind?  Where did you get them?  Last year I ran in those cheap stretchy gloves from Target and I will never do that again.  This Runner’s World article had some good advice but I’d love some tried and true recommendations!

2.  Do you wear different socks in the winter?  My Mizuno Wave Inspire 9s are pretty new and I’m not sure how they’re going to hold up to the low temps.  Also, does anyone own Yaktrax for running in the snow?  They may be on my Christmas list!

3.  What do you wear to keep the wind out?  Would it be silly for me to wear my waterproof Columbia rain jacket while running in the snow?  I want to keep running in the wind and snow but I don’t want to be super uncomfortable.

4.  For those of you that run with your phones, where do you keep it while you’re running?  I used to just hold it in my hand but it’s pretty uncomfortable in the cold.  I like to keep it on me at all times for safety reasons but I don’t want it stuffed down my bra where it can get wet!

If you can answer any of the above questions you are my hero!  And who else loves the fact that it’s finally winter?  I can’t be the only one excited that the hot weather is gone  🙂

14 thoughts on “Weekend Recap and Winter Running Advice Needed!

  1. For number 3, I have a Pearl Izumi Elite jacket that is my ultimate love affair. I would just live in it if I could. I found it at Dick’s on the clearance rack and it was the best $50 I’ve ever spent on a piece of workout gear.

    For number 4, invest in a running belt. You can get one for like $5 from Dick’s, Sports Authority, Fleet Feet, whatever you have in Philly. It just clips around your waist and has a small pocket on it designed to stick you phone and fuel in. Although if you plan to really increase distance I’d suggest getting one that also has water bottle attachments so you can carry liquid with you on longer runs as well. I have a Nathan Fuel Belt with two pockets and two water bottles and it’s awesome. Doesn’t bounce, light, comfortable.

    1. We don’t have any Dick’s stores in the western Philly suburbs! But I might have to check that out next time I’m near one. I just need a good jacket and I’ll be much happier! Do you wear your fuel belt in the winter too?

  2. I live in the South, so winters here are pretty mild relative to you. But I do have a pair of New Balance running gloves that do the trick for me. I stick to the same socks, but being in colder temps you might want to try thicker socks. Just remember you’ll be 15 degrees warmer in 15 minutes of your run compared to outside temps. So if it’s 30 outside, dress like its 45

    1. Thanks! I’ve heard that about the temps before but I never know if I’m supposed to factor the wind chill in with that. It’s been so windy lately! I really think good gloves will make a huge difference in how warm I feel!

  3. I got a jacket at Target that I Love! Really lightweight but still stops the wind! The brand is C9 by champion. For my phone- I can’t do armbands, they don’t stay on my arms. I have a fitletic single pouch belt that I really like! I just put my phone in that and run my headphones out of it! My gloves are isotoner fleece gloves that have the things on the fingers so you can still operate a touch screen phone- they’ve worked so far!

    1. Thanks for the tip on the jacket! I love Target and I’ll probably be there in the next few days so I’ll be checking that out! And armbands don’t work for me either. They always fall off when I’m totally in the zone and I can’t really get back into it for a while so no more using those!

  4. I really need to buy some gloves. I ran last night when the wind chill was 24 (thank goodness it wasn’t teens) with a long sleeve tech tee, a short sleeve tech on top and then full length running tights. I still wore my regular socks and made sure to cover up my ears. I could feel the wind blowing into my shoes at first and it was cold but after awhile it didn’t feel cold anymore. While I was running, I balled my hands up into my sleeves (again I say I need gloves) but I heated up and didn’t notice the cold until I got inside and everything hurt extremely bad.

    I don’t carry my phone with me but I have an iPod touch that I keep in an arm sleeve. Easy and out of the way!

    1. I actually ran today after posting this and after my run everything hurt sooooo baaaaaad. My skin was burning and the backs of my knees hurt so bad! I also had trouble breathing correctly. I love running outside and felt really accomplished after I was done, but I need to be a bit more comfortable if I’m going to do this for the next 4 months! It sounds like we both need some nice new gloves for Christmas!

  5. For winter running, I just got a Nike winter wind breaker, its pretty awesome. The North Face has winter running gloves with finger tip grips so you can change your ipod or use your phone. I keep my phone in my jacket it has a pocket for it, which I love. I am also putting yaktraxs on my gift list for myself this winter. Good luck!

    1. Thanks! I basically want everything you just talked about. I’m going to need to hit up some outlet sales and check out Marshalls and TJ Maxx so I can try to get it cheaper!

  6. Winter running is actually not that bad. You just need to be dressed right. I love Athleta’s wind warrior tights. Absolutely perfect. I’ve found a lot of great running jackets from TJ Maxx or Marshall’s. It’s really about the layers underneath for me. For my phone, I wear a SpiBelt. Best thing ever – does not move. If it’s raining or snowing, you can put your phone in a plastic baggie so it won’t get wet. Have fun and good luck!

    1. Thanks! I agree with you, I’ve had some fun times running in the winter but I’ve also had some awful times and I know it was because I wasn’t dressed right. TJ Maxx and Marshalls are my favorite stores to get running stuff so I’ll have to check out the jackets next time I go there! And I love the idea of pants that are declaring themselves as “Wind Warriors”. I want an entire outfit that is a wind warrior so I don’t ever have to worry about the wind chill!

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