Wednesday Wisdom: Get Over It

Hey everyone!  I’m so happy that it’s Wednesday already!  As you may have noticed from my post yesterday, running has unfortunately been pushed aside for me lately as I have been dealing with other things in my free time.  It’s honestly a really frustrating thing when running is put on the back burner because, as I said yesterday, running fixes everything and we should all keep running even when we don’t feel like it!  We all know how heathy and therapeutic running is so even if it’s tough to fit into our lives, if it’s something we love then we need to learn how to overcome running obstacles and just get over whatever is holding us back.  I’m really terrible at this, but this week I’ve been so grateful for the way that running makes me feel that I’m definitely willing to learn how to make it easier to just get over it and go running.


Runner’s World recently posted this awesome article that highlights common running obstacles and how to avoid them.  I love this article because it lists realistic running obstacles before, during, and after a run no matter what time you do your workouts.  As a nighttime runner, I appreciated the advice this article gave me on how to get over the BS I give myself when I don’t want to run after work.  I’ve actually been bringing my running clothes to work lately and it does help!  I’m kind of whiney and persuasive when I don’t feel like running, but I can’t let myself get away with it anymore!  I know that I secretly just want to smack some sense into my lazy self sometimes.  So now I present the list of Kristen K.’s most common running obstacles and how I plan on talking myself out of them in the future:

1.  I’m tired and my work day was stressful! (aka the #1 most common running obstacle)

Solution:  Remember how much better you feel after a good run?  So go out and do it!  Plus, my favorite running trail is only 10 minutes from my office in rush hour traffic, but 30 minutes from my apartment.  Think of the gas you’ll save if you just go do it right away.  Also, all your coworkers saw you carry your duffle bag into the office and they know you’re supposed to go running at 4:00.  They also saw that high calorie PSL you drank and need to burn off.  There is really no excuse here.

2.  It’s cold or dark outside!

Solution:  Remember last winter when you saved up hundreds of dollars and bought a treadmill?  And remember how you drove down to Delaware to buy it where it would be tax free and had to beg to borrow your parents’ mini van to get it back to PA since it wouldn’t fit in your car?  Yeah.  Go use that.  You know your mom is going to ask you if you’re still using it and she knows when you’re lying.

3.  Treadmill running is awful and boring!

Solution:  Reality TV will distract you from how boring it is.  Even if treadmill running is awful, at least you’re not a teen mom, have a kid who has a really angry dance teacher, or are engaged to Kanye West.


Confession time!  What is your biggest running obstacle and how do you get over it?  Any advice for making treadmill running more fun?  Bonus points if you are able to name the top three TV shows that I watch while running (the clues are above!)

8 thoughts on “Wednesday Wisdom: Get Over It

  1. Right now I’m having foot pain and that’s keeping me from running. It sucks and I’m procrastinating going to the doctor because who has time for that? But yeah, I need to get that looked at!

    Hahaha – I can guess what shows you watch on the treadmill. I usually find myself with Four Weddings or the Jersey Shore.

    1. Ooooh those are both awesome TV shows! I may be adding those to the lineup 🙂 and foot pain is a legit excuse so don’t get over that one!

  2. I’m guilty of watching Teen Mom too! That shows helps me feel like I’m winning at life, no matter how stressed out I am 🙂
    My wintertime trick is to go running in the AM at my gym that is literally next door to where I work. The hardest part is getting out of bed before 5 am, because once I’m at the gym, I have a few hours to waste before work, so I might as well run!

    1. Teen Mom is the greatest show ever! My husband hated it until he found out about Janelle. She made him laugh so much! Anyways, I wish I had the ability to wake up that early! I have a treadmill in our room but I would feel bad waking up my husband at 5:00 by running. I’m also not a morning person at all so I’m really jealous of your ability to do that!

  3. I’m guilty of using the “it’s dark outside” excuse many times. I’ve been thinking about buying a treadmill but can’t justify the purchase just yet 😉

    Another great way to keep from getting bored on the treadmill is doing interval runs – this way, you’re not doing the same thing for too long, so you’re less likely to get bored. I’m also glad to see that someone else has a Teen Mom guilty pleasure like me.

    1. Teen Mom is the best! I got my treadmill at Walmart so it wasn’t too expensive, but I’m terrible at making myself use it. I may have to try interval runs though, thanks for the tip!

  4. If I HAVE to run on a treadmill I usually find an interval or hill session so that way I’m focused on what I need to be doing rather than just watching the clock! …but running outdoors, no matter how cold or wet always beats a treadmill in my humble opinion!!

    My biggest obstacle to running is my mind! I fin fit hard to get my mind in the right place…I try to remember how I will feel after (hence my #3wrods post) to motivate me to get out and get it done!!

    1. Same here! I have to be in the right mindset. My husband always reminds me how mad I’ll be if I skip my workout which helps. Also, I’m fine with running in the cold but the dark is my problem. Living so close to West Philly makes it difficult for me to relax when I run outside! There have been some recent stabbings in my area so I’ll probably run inside if it’s dark out, unless I’m a running in a safer area!

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