Weekend Recap and Some Bloglovin’

Hey everyone!  I hope you all had a fabulous weekend!  Since we had such nice weather this weekend, Andrew and I decided to do some fun outdoor fall activities!  On Saturday we went apple picking at Weaver’s Orchard out in Morgantown, PA.  It’s in a beautiful part of PA with tons of rolling hills, farms, and changing leaves.  When you get there you buy a bag ($18 for a small bag), and then you can taste test each different kind of apple to pick your favorite.  You can mix and match apples to get whatever kinds you want!  We chose to fill our bag with Jonagold apples because they tasted soooo good!

20131028-172952.jpgAndrew picking the apples at the top

20131028-173004.jpgExcited about the apples (and my new polka dot tights from Old Navy!)

After picking all the apples we could fit into one bag (which was a lot!) we went to the fall festival at the orchard for some apple cider and some cider donuts.  Cider donuts are kind of my weakness, but I only let myself eat one!  And if you’ve never had fresh apple cider you need to go out and get some RIGHT NOW.  And since we were super close to my parent’s house, we went over there for a homemade dinner!  It was a pretty fabulous day food-wise.

On Sunday we went to Paradocx Vineyard to do a corn maze!  It was my first time doing one and I had a blast!  We kept getting lost but after about 30 minutes we found our way out.

20131028-173035.jpgAndrew in the maze

We also got to shoot corn out of a corn cannon at a target (I think this activity was for kids but we had a blast!) and then we hit up the pick-your-own pumpkin patch.  We don’t really have a front porch so we decided to get a small pumpkin to put next to our door.  I’m going to paint a face on it later tonight!


Our first pumpkin as a married couple!

Anyways, I’m glad this weather has been holding up so well!  I’ve got another 10k this weekend – the Cooper Norcross Run The Bridge 10k in Camden, NJ.  Not only is this race going to be my “New Jersey Race” on my 50 states list, it’s a bucket list run because I get to run across the Ben Franklin Bridge!  I’m a bit worried about the bridge part of this run because it’s on quite an incline on the way up.  Driving past it on the way home today I got a bit nervous – but I’m still really excited about it!  I originally signed up for this race not realizing how close it was to the Runner’s World 10k, but I think after running the 10k last weekend I feel a tiny bit more confident in my ability to run 6.2 miles without having a post-race injury.  I’m hoping I can have another PR although I’m not sure if I’ll be able to do it with the inclines on the bridge!

Other fun things I want to share with you all today:

1.  I was featured over on Jillian’s blog FitYaf along with some of my other Sweat Pink Ambassadors!  Check out the reasons why we run!

2.  I just found out about bloglovin’, which is this awesome website where you can follow your favorite blogs and get a blogroll of all the newest blog posts!  I’m excited about this because I’m currently only reading WordPress blogs since I’m able to click the little “follow” button at the top of the screen.  Now I can follow people who use Blogger or have their own URLs!  And if you want to follow me on bloglovin’, click the button at the bottom of the page!

Why do you run?  What motivates you to keep running, even when it gets tough?

One thought on “Weekend Recap and Some Bloglovin’

  1. I run because it’s the only way to finish a triathlon, haha.

    I’m really surprised that wordpress doesn’t offer a blogroll or following option for non-wordpress blogs. That’s so strange to me. Blogger has a section on the dashboard where you can just drop the URL of any blog into it to add it to your blogroll, which also shows up on your dashboard. I love having a blogroll. I actually just went and took all my blogs I follow out of my bookmarks since I only use my blogger blog roll to keep up now.

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