Fabulous Friday!

Holy cow was this week long and tough!  TGIF!  Today is fabulous because:

1.  The week is OVER!!!!  Who else had an insane work week?  All of my afternoon outdoor runs were cancelled this week because I had to work past 6:00 (which was NOT the original plan).  I actually sat in my car crying yesterday at 6:30 because it was too dark to go running in Philly after work.  I don’t do runs in the dark in the city  😦  I’m sick of the treadmill and excited to run OUTSIDE today since I’ll be done at 3:00!


2.  I just found an awesome running blog directory called Miles to Blog.  It’s free so I decided to join!  Check out some of my fellow bloggers!


3.  And before you think I forgot…today is fabulous because of the weather!  It finally feels like fall here in Philly and I’m so excited!  Our heat is turned on and I got to break out my North Face and Ugg boots this week!  I feel like a college student in all that stuff but I love it!  Although I am 26 now, I should probably try to find warm boots that aren’t Uggs…suggestions?

Now for a new addition to my Fabulous Friday posts:  What fabulous thing happened in the running world this week?  I’m going to try to stay up to date on the latest running news/info each week.  This week’s news is that a 6 year old girl finished  a half marathon this week!  Runner’s World has all the details here.  This girl is my new hero!


Now it’s your turn:  Why is today fabulous?  Also, do you belong to any awesome running blog directories that I should join?

One thought on “Fabulous Friday!

  1. Happy Friday! I’ve been having a tough time this week with outside runs too, and definitely have not been feeling the treadmill! I have a pair of Timberland boots that I LOVE! They’re super warm and cute at the same time!

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