Wednesday Wisdom: Running on the Cheap

Hey everyone!  I want to thank you all for your awesome feedback on my big announcement yesterday.  I can’t wait to spill the beans on where we’re going, but you’ll all just have to be patient until we’ve got a few more things figured out.

Anyways, today’s wisdom is something that many runners/outdoor enthusiasts worry about a lot:  how to save money on the stuff that we need in order to do the things we love.  I’d love to own a lot more camping equipment, but I’m not really able to buy everything that I want because it’s so crazy expensive!  And I just recently discovered that you need nice running shoes and moisture wicking clothes to be comfortable while running, but that stuff definitely comes with a big price tag.  So here are some tips for getting good workout/camping stuff cheap:

1.  Buy from discount websites.  Philly Magazine recently released this list of 9 websites where you can score good workout gear cheap.  I actually have used The Clymb and Planet Gear before and loved my experiences with the companies!  These two websites have deals on certain name brand companies that last only a few days (or sometimes a few hours!) so if you check back every day you’ll find new items on sale!  I’m seriously eying a $210 Nomis jacket on The Clymb that’s on sale for only $79.99.   You can never have too many winter coats, right?  I’ve seen companies like Colombia, Sorel, Under Armor, Mizuno, and Asics on these websites so check them out!

2.  Make a wish list.  Christmas is coming, and if you’ve got a list of all the gear you need maybe someone will hook you up!  For my birthday last year my mom bought me an OtterBox for my phone (which has literally saved it dozens of times!) so this is a very good strategy for saving money on gear!  We also made sure to register for camping equipment on our wedding registry, and ended up getting our tent, 2 person sleeping bag, and a camping coffee maker as gifts!

3.  Enter blog and website giveaways.  I never win anything, so I was really surprised to learn today that I won Jen’s PRO Compression giveaway on her blog Going the Distance!  I can’t wait to rock my new free compression socks (Thanks Jen and PRO Compression!). Giveaways are a great way to try out new products for free, and they’re super easy to enter!  Stay tuned for an upcoming giveaway from my blog next week!


How do you save money on running/outdoor gear?  Have you ever won a giveaway?

8 thoughts on “Wednesday Wisdom: Running on the Cheap

  1. Woohoo for free socks! I’ve actually won a race entry from a blog giveaway! It was the first giveaway I’ve ever entered- and I quite literally NEVER win anything!

    I have the biggest wish list going on amazon for different running gear! Another thing that I’ve found- I paid for a VIP membership at road runner sports when I bought shoes- even though there’s not one near me. The VIP gives a great discount! In their last sale there were shoes for over 70$ off for VIP members! Well worth the 10$ to sign up!

    1. Wow that’s awesome! What race was it? And I totally forgot about Road Runner Sports! I’m a VIP member too and I was able to save $20 off my Mizunos and got free shipping! I’ll have to talk about that in my next post about running on the cheap.

      Also, thanks again for the free socks! I literally have been looking into getting some for weeks but felt silly buying $50 socks. I was in the PRO Compression booth at the Runner’s World Half expo last weekend and my husband almost had a heart attack when he heard the price. He kept whispering, “But they’re SOCKS!” He’s clearly not a runner haha.

      1. It was an entry for Color Me Rad, which I’m totally excited about! Seriously, my husband said the same thing about the socks, and he IS a runner! They should be on the way soon!

    1. Yay I can’t wait to get them! When do you wear them? I still don’t know if I’m supposed to wear them while running or after running…all this running stuff still confuses me!

  2. Great suggestions! I love getting running gear at TJ Maxx. I was surprised how many name brands they carried, like New Balance and even Brooks. If you keep looking, you are bound to find something good. They also have fuel belts, water bottles, compression sleeves, headbands, and the list goes on!

    1. I do too!!! I just bought some Under Armor stuff there for under $25! I guess I’ll have to mention that in my next post!

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