What I’m Eating This Week

Hey everyone!  Good news:  I’m surviving after the 10k and I’m getting pumped up for my next one!  Run The Bridge 10k, here I come!  I have 2 weeks to prepare and this may be the PR talking, but I’m thinking I might be able to shave a bit more time off the next one.  I need the quickest time possible to submit for my corral placement for the Disney Princess Half, and this is my last chance!  I just wish the Ben Franklin Bridge was a bit more flat…

Now for what I’m eating this week:

1.  Coffeemate Pumpkin Spice coffee creamer + Wawa Pumpkin Spice Coffee = perfect pumpkin coffee!  If you live near a Wawa you should buy a bag of Pumpkin Spice Coffee to brew at home, it’s just as yummy as at the store!


2.  Planter’s Pumpkin Spice Almonds.  My husband was horrified to see how big this container is but I know he’s secretly happy that we’ll never run out.  Mwahahaha.


3.  Now it’s time to talk about something that I want to eat, but can’t find anywhere:  Pumpkin Clif Bars.  I heard about these and I am on a mission to find them.  If you’ve bought them somewhere let me know where it is so I can go there!  And tell me how yummy they are!

Anyways, is it just me or is this week dragging on forever?  I’m loving this weather lately (yaaaay North Face weather!) but it seems like there’s no way for me to get outside and enjoy it since my job keeps me busy all day.  I’ve been stressed out and overworked for a few weeks now, and the only thing getting me to feel better is running and baking pumpkin desserts.  So that’s what I’m doing tonight!  Although the running will be done on my treadmill and not on my favorite trail since it’s so dark out.  Boo.

I’ve also begun seriously planning something big that has been in the works for a long time…but I’m not sure if I’m ready to tell the world all the details yet.  There are so many unanswered questions and whenever I reveal what we’re doing all we get are questions and negative comments (my mom literally cries every time we bring it up).  So I’ll just say this for now:  Andrew and I are planning a cross country move next May.  We have never done anything like this before, but life is short and we want to live someone fabulous and new.  And this new place has less traffic than Philly and more mountains, which will solve every problem in my life  🙂  I’m sure that will help give it away!

So I need your help:  Have you ever moved really far away?  The farthest we’ve ever moved was from Pittsburgh to Philly after college so I don’t exactly know how to do this.  But I’d love to hear your stories about how moving went and how you adjusted to a new home!

14 thoughts on “What I’m Eating This Week

  1. I already know, I already know!!! I won’t spill the beans on your move though girl =P We moved across country twice when I was younger. Once from NJ to Seattle, then from Seattle to NY. It’s an adjustment, but I feel like I gained more life experience than others who were born and raised in the same place their lives. It’s so great to see and experience other parts of the country and get an opportunity to have new ways of living.

    Also, Wegmans. Grocery store Mecca. That is where you will find Clif Bar heaven. Come see me. I’ll take you to the Mothership and we will revel in it’s glory.

  2. Haha yeah you do know! I’m so antsy I just want to go noooooow! Anyways, I had no idea you used to live in NJ or Seattle! Crazy! My FIL lives in Seattle and I think it’s gorgeous! How did you get all your stuff out there and back? Did you drive your car or just buy a new (used) one?

    Also, I never even thought of Wegmans!!!! They have one out in Collegeville (Philly suburbs) and I stop there to get beer whenever I go visit my mom. I’m driving out there on Saturday so I’m going to check out their Clif Bar section! Also, I do really need to come visit you soon. Junebug mini meetup?

  3. Wow. You are on a killer pumpkin kick! haha. I put pumpkin spice in my coffee as I brew it and I made pumpkin bars last night. I haven’t moved across country but I moved from TN to FL on a whim and that didn’t go well. The hubby and I will be moving soon to attend school and right now the goal is Michigan State where we would begin a new adventure together next fall. I look forward to seeing how your move and preparations go!

    1. By the way, I have nominated you for the Liebster award after spending some time browsing your posts. It took me several days to find people I enjoyed and go through the questions and things. If you click on the link http://theroadtophysicalfitness.wordpress.com/2013/10/22/liebster-award-and-nominees/ you will be routed to the post where I nominate! I am excited to have been nominated and look forward to the new posts. Keep up the great work!! 🙂

      1. Thanks for the nomination! I feel like I just started this blog so I’m honored that people actually enjoy reading it! And also, I am definitely on pumpkin kick. I do this every fall and it drives my husband crazy. Last year I was beyond obsessed with Eggo Pumpkin Waffles and bought like 5 boxes at a time. I eventually became so sick of eating them that I had to give up on pumpkin stuff early. But I’m hoping to go strong this year until Thanksgiving!

      2. lmao. I look forward to this season for the cinnamon I think. I’m not pumpkin obsessed…. except pumpkin pie… These pumpkin bars have banana and that’s an odd flavor combination… I look forward to pumpkin ideas though. I’m game for new things 🙂

  4. I’ve moved from TN to Boston by myself after graduation, then again from Boston to KY for grad school. I’m sure it goes over a bit easier with a built-in best friend but the most important part is getting out there right away and making friends. (running clubs, church groups, etc) You’ll have no problems trust me 🙂

    1. Thanks for the advice! I’ll definitely have to check out some running/outdoor clubs there. When I did my little move from Pittsburgh to Philly I initially had no friends here but after I started working I was fine. I’m anticipating that it might just be me and my husband hanging out on the weekends for a few weeks though!

  5. Wow, so excited for you! I moved from Georgia to Alaska so I do have some advice for cross country moves! As far as transporting your stuff, I don’t know what your car situation is, but you should begin to purge things down to whatever you can haul in your car(s) plus maybe a very small UHaul trailer or none at all. The benefit of doing this is that you aren’t hauling extra weight for stuff you may or may not want when you get to your new destination. Plus, new apartments/houses always arise different desires as far as decor, furniture, etc. You might consider hauling your bed or for example, electronics, but I wouldn’t haul many large items. If you have a lot of gear like bikes, then that’s a different story because if they are worth a lot of money or sentiment, you might want to take them as opposed to selling, and buying new when you get there. But my key advice overall is less is more. Purge, purge, purge! Also, I don’t know what you’re housing situation will be, but I’d try to do a short term rental or brief stay somewhere rather than buy or rent ahead of time before you get there. For me, that causes less anxiety because I’m in the town, can get to know what’s around the places I’m looking at, etc. whereas from a distance, it’s difficult to get the details. You can see pictures of places, sure, but that really isn’t the only important part about deciding where to live. The other thing I would suggest is checking into MeetUp groups in the area, especially since you’re a runner; there are always running groups that get together for things, and then you can find fellow people to seek out trails and/or local knowledge of the area. Hope some of this helps!

    1. Ummmm…you have no idea how helpful this post is. I’m trying so hard to keep the location a secret right now but I actually might have to talk to you about it! Would it be weird if I emailed you? Is there a way to privately message through WordPress? I have a lot of questions that you might be able to answer!

      As for our car situation, Andrew has an old car that he’s been dying to sell for a while, and I have a tiny little Yaris hatchback that has a dent on the back from a parking lot hit and run, so we’re kind of interested in getting a new car. I’m anticipating that due to our new location we’ll need an SUV but I’m not sure if it’s better to buy it there or here and then drive across the country (which might be super expensive!). We also have been to our new city before but have no idea where in the city is good for renting. I wish money wasn’t an issue because I would just fly there for a weekend to check stuff out, but that’s kind of impossible. Those two things are my major worries right now. We’re also thinking we might have some of our belongings shipped out there since we don’t know if it’s in our budget to get cheap new things when we get out there. There’s so much to think about!

  6. Good luck on the move, my friend! I still have an idea of where you are going based on your wants, and I can’t wait to hear if I’m right!!! 🙂 I’m wanting to move somewhere, as we’ve talked about before, but not quite ready to make the leap yet. Maybe after grad school is done! I love pumpkin coffee, too!

    1. Haha I feel like it’s not hard to guess anymore. I just know once I come out an announce it there will be tons of questions/comments that I can’t handle yet. I’m hoping to get it figured out soon! And yes, I totally support moving! Where do you go to grad school? I know you’re in PA somewhere!

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