Wednesday Wisdom: Did I Mention I have a 10k This Weekend?

Hey everyone!  I’m slowly getting back into regular life after Maine.  After resting all day Sunday in the car, I resumed my running training on Monday.  If you’re wondering why I need to start running again so soon after all that hiking, it’s because I’ve got the Runner’s World 10k this Saturday!  I’m so nervous about running this race.  The farthest I’ve run during my training was 4 miles, but I can feel that I’m much more prepared than I was for my first 10k back in April.   Even so, I’m so tempted to step down to the 5k option, especially since I have another 10k a few weeks from now.  I really don’t want to get injured!  I wish my long weekend runs hadn’t been cancelled the last 2 weeks (first I got sick and then I spend last weekend hiking up to 10 miles a day!)  but at least I kept running 3-4 miles on my weekday runs!  What would all of you smarter runners do?  Has anyone else ever gone into a race a few miles short of their intended training plan?

I spent today freaking out a bit, but I just read this blog post from Go Go Mountain Girl and it made me feel so much better!  She’s prepping for a marathon which is so much more badass than a 10k, and she’s got some amazing tips for keeping your cool before/during/after your next race.  Who doesn’t get a bit of anxiety before a race?  I’m going to definitely take her advice and chill out a bit before Saturday!  And for everyone who is actually trying to fully train for a 10k, I have this link from that outlines how to prepare for a 10k race.  Follow your training plans people!

And just because I miss Maine so much already, here are some more pics!  The ones I uploaded from my phone for blog posts #1 and #2 have nothing on these!

P1000531Summit of Acadia Mountain



Andrew and The Beehive (the trail runs along the steep left side!)

P1000576Climbing the Beehive – notice that I’m completely standing on metal rungs hanging off a boulder!

P1000577The trail on The Beehive.  I’m not afraid of heights, but it did make me a bit shaky!

P1000579The view from the top of The Beehive!



The summit of Gorham Mountain (see the ridge in the background?  That’s the Cadillac Mountain South Ridge trail that we hiked!)


Ok, now I promise I’m done talking about Acadia!  At least until next fall!  For everyone who is bored of my hiking posts, get ready for the running posts again!  Yaaaay running!



12 thoughts on “Wednesday Wisdom: Did I Mention I have a 10k This Weekend?

  1. I will be coming up short on training mileage for my half marathon this weekend. It’s just the nature of the beast and life sometimes. If you really feel the need to pull down to the 5k then do it. However, you’re a strong runner and even though your training mileage may have fallen a bit short, you should give yourself some credit for your strength and endurance. I think you have it in you to complete your 10k, but that’s just me. I have complete faith in your strength and ability and you should too. You’re awesome!

  2. You are going to rock the 10K! I really want to do that next year! I’m sure that you will be fine, because you’ve still been active (although I certainly don’t have any kind of medical degree and don’t know what the heck I’m talking about!) It’s so silly that the doubt and fear talk so much louder sometimes than anything positive! Your pictures from Maine are beautiful! I’ve been to Portland for a work trip, and it was absolutely beautiful! My parents went to Arcadia for the honeymoon, and I’d love to go some day! After seeing your pictures probably sooner than later 🙂

    1. Thanks for the encouragement! It’s so scary when you get so close to the race! And Acadia is amazing! If you miss traffic it’s like 10 hours from Philly but soooo worth it. Definitely plan a trip!

    1. Thanks! And I clearly need to keep hiking in pretty places. Luckily my blog wasn’t around right after my honeymoon, there would have been hundreds of pictures of Alaska on here!

    1. Thank you!!!! I’ll definitely check this out after all my race craziness is over! You’re awesome for nominating me!

  3. Absolutely beautiful! I’m glad you stopped by my blog and told me about this post!!! I loved it there, although I am jealous I didn’t go out on the Beehive trail and it looks like something I would have loved:) Next time!! Actually it’s funny because I decided to break up my travel posts on Maine, so next Tuesday I am running a post and pic’s entirely dedicated to my trip to Acadia NP.. So if you remember you’ll have to stop by next week and check them out! Congrat’s on your 10k!!!!!

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