What I’m Eating This Week: All Things PUMPKIN!

Hey everyone! Who else is loving the fact that fall weather is back? I’m keeping this one short and sweet, because I’m super busy packing for our trip to Bar Harbor, Maine! We’re leaving tomorrow morning at 6:00 am, driving to Walden Pond (I’m a lit nerd, what can I say), and then making our way up to Bar Harbor. We’ll be there until Sunday, and I’ll definitely post pictures of the amazing places where I’ll be hiking and running the next few days! And yes, I know I can’t drive into Acadia National Park due to the government shutdown, but I’m definitely going to get some hiking in!

Now for the real reason I’m on here: my love for all things pumpkin is in overdrive right now! Here are my top three pics for this week, and they’re all so incredible that you need to go out and get them/make them ASAP!

1. When I was home this weekend, my mom and I went grocery shopping together and discovered these amazing pumpkin spice english muffins. The second we got home I toasted one up and took a bite. OH MY GOD. There are no words to describe how good these are. I don’t even like english muffins, and I’m eating these like an addict. My husband, who hates all things pumpkin, even admitted they were good and then proceeded to eat 2 in a row. So I officially have a new fall food!

20131008-094406.jpgWho knew pumpkin nooks and crannies could taste so good?  And yes, I have 2 packs  🙂

2.  These aren’t pumpkin, but they taste like fall so that’s close enough!  These cookies came out last year and I’ve been looking forward to their return.  They’re like mini ginger snap oreos!



3.  I recently found this recipe on Pinterest, and decided to bake these for a dinner party last weekend.  These are already pretty healthy, but I made a few changes to the recipe:  I subbed out white flour for wheat flour, used 2 tbs of cinnamon applesauce instead of 1 tbs of oil, and used pumpkin pie spice in place of the nutmeg and allspice.  I also wanted them to be more moist so I used 2 full eggs instead of 1 egg and 2 egg whites, and then I doubled the chocolate chips (recipes are always so stingy with the chocolate!).  I can’t be totally healthy!



The results were pretty good!  One of my friends only eats natural and mostly healthy foods, and she liked these a lot.  The wheat flour definitely gives it a more “healthy” taste, so feel free to keep the recipe the same.  They ended up moist and the chocolate chips kept them tasting sweet, so I think I’ll be making these again!

20131008-094428.jpgChopped up into smaller pieces so I can eat a few pieces throughout the day.  This is all I have left after the party!


What’s your favorite fall recipe?  Have you tried any awesome new pumpkin foods lately?

4 thoughts on “What I’m Eating This Week: All Things PUMPKIN!

  1. Those spiced mini-cremes sound delicious! Can you buy them at a regular grocery store?
    I have yet to make any pumpkin bread this fall (I know, I’m not sure what’s wrong with me) I need to get on that soon!

    1. Yes! Both the cookies and English muffins can be bought at grocery stores. I shop at Giant, and there is a massive tower of them right inside the door! They’re always 2 for $5 so I buy 2 at a time haha. I hope you find them, they are delish!

  2. I have never seen those english muffins before! I will have to see if my local grocery has them. I hope so! I like substituting whole wheat flour in my baked goods too. I like the hearty taste!

    1. They are sooooooo good! I didn’t realize there was an english muffin section in the bread aisle, but there is! They have a ton of different kinds but I’m pretty sure pumpkin is the best!

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