Fabulous Friday!

It’s finally Friday again! Here are some reasons why this Friday is super fabulous:

1. The weather. Again. This will be a reason until we get a rainy or super cold Friday, so get used to it 🙂

2. I’m running my first “out of state” race tomorrow! It’s the Corn to Run 5k in Millsboro, DE. The race is run on a course that has been plowed through a corn field! I’m all about unique races. And since this one is is Delaware, I’m hoping it will be flat and fast? Fingers crossed for a PR! Then after the race we’re swinging by Rehoboth Beach for some Fractured Prune Donuts and some down time on the beach. I’m looking forward to relaxing in the sun with a good book!

3. I’m happy to announce that this week I was chosen to be a Train Dirty Fitness Instructor! I get to join a fabulous group of girls who love working out hard and don’t take any shortcuts to getting healthy. They will definitely need to teach me a bit more about toning up and eating healthier. I’m so excited to be able to help spread the word about Train Dirty Fitness!


How is your Friday going? Any races this weekend?

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