What I’m Eating This Week: Trader Joe’s Edition

*Disclaimer:  there is nothing healthy in this post today.  If you’re offended by running bloggers that sometimes post about food with empty calories, turn away now!*

Today I make a (supposedly) quick trip to Trader Joe’s, AKA the greatest store on earth.  I feel like I can go crazy and buy everything in there because about half the stuff in the there is organic and they have so many crazy new foods that you can’t get anywhere else.  And for the most part things are pretty cheap!  The best part about today’s trip wass all of the crazy pumpkin flavored stuff they sell there!  I saw tons of new things that they didn’t have last year, but I tried to restrain myself today and just left with a few new pumpkin items:

20130926-220042.jpgThis week’s haul (and what you don’t see is the green beans, broccoli, and 99% fat free ground turkey hiding under all the unhealthy stuff!)

So let’s start with the best thing in that bag (and possibly in the entire store):  Speculoos Crunchy Cookie Butter. There is no way that this could ever be spun as a healthy snack.  It’s basically the consistency of peanut butter with the taste of ginger snaps and tiny cookie peices.  Sooooo good.  There is a cult following of this stuff, and apparently they instituted a 6 jar per person limit.  If you try it you’ll understand.  Last time I went there, they offered me a plastic spoon so I could start eating it in the car on the way home!

Moving on to my new fabulous pumpkin flavored fruit bars:


Yes, this picture was taken at work yesterday.  Why?  Because my manager bought a box of these, and then couldn’t stop eating them so she had to give them away to all of us to control herself.  We’re big on food at my office in case you couldn’t tell!  I love all of the fruit bars at TJ’s and I thought this one was pretty good – I think the flavor is more cinnamon than pumpkin but I really liked it!  Pumpkin foods are now infiltrating my lunchbox  🙂

I also bought pumpkin butter which I haven’t had a chance to try yet, but you bet I’ll be eating some tomorrow  🙂  They also brought back their amazing pumpkin pancake/waffle mix!  I brought that stuff to my parent’s house for a post-Thanksgiving Day 5k breakfast last year and my family loved it!  Speaking of Thanksgiving, they have a ton of fancy pumpkin desserts there that you can buy and possibly pretend you made on your own for Thanksgiving dinner.  I think I gained 5 pounds just thinking about Thanksgiving dessert!

What’s your favorite item at Trader Joe’s?  Are you part of the Cookie Butter cult?

10 thoughts on “What I’m Eating This Week: Trader Joe’s Edition

    1. Me too! I only go about once a month since the parking situation at my store is kind of annoying, but every time I go I find awesome new stuff to try!

  1. I think I might have to make a quick trip after work to Trader Joes today! I really want to try one of those pumpkin bars. I cannot control myself around pumpkin flavored things!

    1. Yeah, I have a serious problem. When you go, the pumpkin stuff is all kind of mixed in with everything else, but there was also a whole wall behind the cash registers lined up with all the non-frozen pumpkin foods. Hopefully that helps you find the most important things while you shop today 🙂 And on a non-pumpkin related note, the “This Blueberry Walks Into A Bar…” fruit bars are also really amazing. I love all the fruit bars and granola bars there!

  2. YUM! There is a new TJ’s opening next weekend only 10 minutes from my house (I have to travel 25-30 to go there now) and you better believe that I am going to look for ALL of these things when I go!

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