Weekend Recap

Hey everyone! I hope you all had a fun weekend! I’m so excited to FINALLY say that it’s fall!

Friday: Andrew and I went to the Phillies game. We had 12th row seats on the first base line, which he chose because “you can see your favorite player from there”. Yep, he’s an awesome husband.


My favorite player is Chase Utley, he’s probably the cutest guy on the team. It’s cool that Andrew doesn’t try to stop my sports crushes! We ran into a few friends there and ate a ton of Crab Fries, so it was a pretty good time (despite a loss).

20130922-203324.jpgGo Phillies!

Saturday: After running some errands, Andrew and I went to Green Lane Park. The trail around the lake spans 16 miles, so walking the whole thing wasn’t really an option for us today. We probably hiked about 4 or 5 miles before the rain started up.


The lake is really pretty and you can even rent boats/kayaks here. We’re hoping to go back up in the fall – the leaves were already starting to change and I’m sure it will be even more beautiful in a few weeks!

20130922-203349.jpgYay for yellow leaves already!

Sunday: I woke up with plans to do another 4 mile run, but unfortunately a small part of the front of my shin on my left leg hurt pretty badly. I’m kind of concerned that it’s a running related injury even though I haven’t run since Friday (and it was only 2 miles since I was running really short on time). I decided not to run to see if it will feel better by tomorrow. Andrew and I had plans with one of his friends to go hiking at Ringing Rocks, a small park in upper Bucks County. The main attraction of the park is a big boulder field.


The unique thing is that when you hit some of the rocks with a hammer, they ring like a bell! It’s weird to see people walking through the woods with a hammer but it’s the best way to enjoy the park!


It took me a while to climb my way through the whole boulder field, and I definitely felt it in my knees. I think hiking may be messing with my ability to run by causing all of this extra leg pain. Are there any hikers out there who also run? How do you stay injury free?

How was your weekend? Any fun plans for the week ahead?

4 thoughts on “Weekend Recap

  1. Stretch, stretch and stretch some more!! Hiking works your muscles very differently than running so your muscles may not be used to the change in strenuous activity. Stretch it out, ice and rest if needed.

    1. The strange thing is that it doesn’t feel like my muscles hurt! I tried stretching and I literally didn’t feel anything. The pain comes and goes, usually when I’m walking, but when I do feel it, it’s really sharp and then goes away. I tried googling it but I haven’t found anything to explain it! I’ll try icing it tomorrow if it’s still happening.

  2. I’m sorry your leg hurts- I hope it feels better soon! It seems a lot of people are having leg issues recently.
    Those ringing rocks sound so cool (no pun intended). I wish I knew of more hiking areas where I live!

    1. I know right? It seems like everyone is injured! Luckily my leg feels so much better today, I’m going to try to run today and hopefully I’m back to normal!

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