Forbidden Drive Run

Hey everyone!  Can you believe it’s already Thursday?  I was looking forward to camping this weekend with a lot of friends, but it looks like we have rain on the way  😦  I’ll have to find some other fun things to do instead!

Between the cancelled camping trip and some work related stress, I was not happy today.  My last shift ended at 3:00 in Roxborough, and I realized that I was super close to Forbidden Drive, which is a 7 mile gravel trail that runs along Wissahickon Creek.  It’s flat, scenic, and a new trail for me, so I decided to go for a run there to de-stress before driving an hour home in traffic!


The trail is really wide, and when I first started I felt that there was so much room to run.  And then I noticed huge groups of either high school or college track teams running along the trail.  They took up so much room, and they made me feel suuuper slow.  I probably won’t go back to Forbidden Drive at 3:30 ever again, it was way too busy!


The cool thing is that there were tons of trails leading off Forbidden Drive, including this one which went across the creek on a covered bridge!  So pretty!  I might take one of the smaller trails in the future.  I’m sure they’re less crowded, I just didn’t want to get lost today.


I was having so much fun checking out the scenery that I actually was upset when I realized I was at 1.5 miles and needed to turn around.  So then I asked myself, “What if I run until 2 miles before turning around?”  It’s amazing what running does to you – some days you’re ready to give up, and on other days you’re able to push yourself farther without much effort.  I was running at a pace that I thought would allow me to run 4 miles, so I went for it.  And guess what?


I ran 4 miles!  Wooohooo!  First 4 miler since April!  And my pace wasn’t too slow either!  I ran a 5 miler last December in 1 hour, which was a 12:00/mile pace.  My pace is definitely improving which is really exciting!  Also, this is the first outdoor appearance of my new Mizunos and they did awesome!

Now here’s a confession:  I’ve always been too embarrassed to work out in front of other people because I get super sweaty and my face gets really red.  This is why I hated playing sports in high school, and refused to run the mile in gym class.  Usually after I finish running people stop me and ask me if I’m okay, which makes me feel awful.  I’ve been getting better at doing this lately because even though I still worry about looking too sweaty in public, I understand that sweat is a good thing because it means that I’m getting an awesome workout.  Today I was initially embarrassed to be super sweaty and out of breath in front of all those track teams, but at the end of my run I can honestly say that I was so proud of how sweaty I looked because I freaking earned it!


What’s your favorite running trail?  Do you ever secretly worry about looking gross after a workout?

10 thoughts on “Forbidden Drive Run

  1. Aw! I am sorry you get self-conscious after your run! You deserve to be proud of how you earned that sweat! Everyone at my running club is always a sweaty mess!

    1. Haha I know it’s silly, I think it’s just leftover self consciousness from high school. I hate that I feel that way, at least I’m getting a little better about it!

  2. I’m a red in face mess after every run or workout.

    Also, great run! I was going to ask you when you were going to start upping your mileage as I do believe you have some 10k’s a pretty hefty half marathon that will be here before you know it 😉

    1. I’ve been so bad with training lately and I don’t want to hurt myself with upping mileage too fast! I just kind of felt like today was a good time to do it though! I’m really not good at running races haha

  3. The track team likes to practice where I run too. I’m like “You all just go ahead!” Seeing a mob of runners coming at you (or hearing the pitter patter of their feet behind you) is daunting.

    1. Yes it is! They made me feel super slow! I was also amazed how fast they were able to run while still holding a conversation, that’s something I always struggle with!

  4. As soon as I start running, I instantly turn into a red faced, sweaty mess! I could probably run 10 feet and geared in the face! The trail looks like it was a gorgeous place to run!

    1. I’m glad it’s not just me! I think I was just running next to some serious athletes yesterday and they were really intimidating.

  5. What a beautiful trail! I live about a half-mile from a trail that ends around a large lake – it is gorgeous in the early morning when the fog is hanging over the lake.
    Honestly, I judge people that DON’T look sweaty when they are running. I assume they must not be working very hard, and where’s the fun in that?
    Yay for getting faster!

    1. Ooh that run sounds beautiful! And yeah, I always think that too! Like how is my entire shirt sweaty and you don’t even look tired? This is why I like running alone haha

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