Looking Ahead to Fall Races (and a sweet PR!)

Today was another lovely fall day in Philly.  I met Andrew at the park right after work for a run so that he could get home in time for the Eagles game.  He always asks me how far I’ll try to run, and today I said “3 miles” without even pausing to think about it.  My goal this week is to do over 10, so I’ve got to start the week off right!  I was feeling awesome throughout the run and just let my body dictate how fast to go without listening to the annoying negative voice in my head.  After the first mile, I was kind of shocked how fast I was going but I didn’t want to slow down.  Mile 2 was filled with hills, but I was still making good time.  Once I got to 2.5, I realized that I was going to break 30 minutes!  I haven’t done that since April, and even then I’d only done it a few times.  I was so excited that I literally flew the last half mile.  I had to take a picture for proof that this actually happened!


I also set a new record for my mile time  at 8:58!  I broke 9 minutes!  I seriously was jumping up and down with my arms in the air, I think my husband thought I was crazy!  It’s amazing how one fantastic run can make you feel so much better.  This gives me hope that I’ll break 30 minutes in my next 5k, which has been my goal for a year now!

Setting these new milestones is getting me really excited for fall racing season.  I love fall weather, so I filled my calendar up with as many fun races as I could.  I’ve also decided to actually go after my goal of running a race in all 50 states!

  • September 28th:  Corn to Run 5k in Millsboro, DE.  The race course is a plowed trail through a corn field!  And it’s near the beach so you know where I’ll be right after the race  🙂
  • October 19th:  Runners World Festival 10k in Bethlehem, PA.  How can I resist running with the editors and fellow readers of my favorite magazine?
  • November 3rd:  Cooper Norcross Run The Bridge 10k in Camden, NJ (and partially in PA while on the bridge).  They’re closing down the Ben Franklin Bridge for thousands of runners, and we get to finish in the Camden Riversharks stadium!

I’m also definitely doing a Thanksgiving Day race – probably the Toss Your Turkey 5k in Pottstown, PA.  I did that one last year and it made eating all that pumpkin pie soooo much more rewarding.  I’m also possibly thinking about running a race while I’m in Maine over Columbus Day weekend, but I don’t want to get too crazy.  But it would be nice to knock out a few more states on my list!  And I need some more chances in there to break my 30 minute goal time!


Do you have any races lined up for the fall?  Are there any cool races in the eastern US that I need to run ASAP?


9 thoughts on “Looking Ahead to Fall Races (and a sweet PR!)

  1. Yay!!!! Awesome run today girl! Great work on breaking 30 minutes and on your new mile PR. And great job signing up for multiple 10k’s. That should be a big help as far as helping you get stronger so you can kick some arse on your 5k’s.

    I have a trail 5k at the summer camp my hubby and I met at on October 12th and my first marathon in Syracuse on October 20th. Feel free to come join me for either one 😉

      1. You should get one! I think mine was $120 which is the cheapest they have. But it’s really light and easy to use. I go crazy if I don’t know exactly how far I’m running! And I really want to come running with you in NY! I have something going on every weekend this fall (lots of camping) but maybe I’ll be able to get up there in the spring! Maybe for a tri? 🙂

  2. I LOVE Run the Bridge! Did it last year but I’ll be away this year so I won’t be able to make it this year. It’s a great run!

    I’m doing the Totally 80s run next month with my kiddo and then a 10k during the AC Marathon weekend. Good stuff all around. 🙂

    1. No way! Is it hard? I’ve heard that it’s really tough because the bridge is on a constant incline when you’re going up. I’m planning on running on the pedestrian trail a few times before actually running the race! In case you couldn’t tell, I hate hills 🙂 I train with them all the time but they definitely suck!

      1. Okay, so confession time: I actively avoid hills. Like, when I know a route has a hill, I’ll purposely go in another direction. HOWEVER, I really wanted to do Run the Bridge so I sucked it up and ran anyway and while it’s challenging, I felt like the incline is slight at you’re going. You definitely FEEL it (and I felt it for days after) but I was so pumped up that it wasn’t as horrible as I anticipated. And the downhill on the other side? GLORIOUS! I definitely took advantage and made up time on those downhills. 😉

      2. This is good news! I’m always able to do more during a race so I’m hoping that will help me through it! I’m just so excited to run across the bridge!

  3. Ok, so fall is over, but here’s a nice one that will give you confidence for your Disney 1/2 – The Icicle 10 Miler in Wilmington, DE on Jan. 12. I did it last year and it was great! The weather was seriously awesome for Jan (in the mid 40s!). But I waited to register until I saw the extended forecast because my friends did it the previous year and it was 19 degrees! Ha! Oh, I have a race report, come to think of it. What’s the point of having a blog if I can’t keep posting links to it in someone else’s blog, right? http://gojackie.wordpress.com/2013/01/14/icicle-10-miler/

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