My Favorite Person On Earth

So I could talk about my 2 mile run today, or my first piece of pumpkin cheesecake this season, or something else that happened to me today. But today is a really special day and I’ve got more important things to talk about. Like the fact that seven years ago today, I met this guy at the University of Pittsburgh.  Get ready for a throwback pic!


He lived on the fifth floor of PA hall with me. We first spoke to each other when he was knocking on everyone’s doors looking for a girl with good handwriting to help him make a Drinking Jenga board game (Never played it? Write silly rules on Jenga peices, and play with friends when you are drunk. It’s hilarious!). I thought he liked my friend, but on September 3rd, 2006 he told me that he liked me. And we’ve been in love ever since!


We may have a whole new anniversary now that we’re married, but I’ll never forget the day it all started. Andrew, you’re my best friend. You’re always willing to go on crazy adventures with me, and I might slightly pretend to like football and baseball just so that I know what you’re talking about all the time (but I actually do love hockey!).   And you’re always there to cheer me on when I sign up for yet another race. Even when it’s a 5 mile race in the snow and you have to sit in the car for an hour so you don’t freeze…or a race that’s 2 hours away and involves me covering myself in mud and then getting it all over you.


The past seven years have been amazing and I can’t wait to see what our future together holds!  I’m sure it will be filled with lots more races though!

Now it’s your turn to brag!  Who’s your biggest cheerleader at races?

2 thoughts on “My Favorite Person On Earth

  1. My husband Rob is my biggest cheerleader. He comes and sits through all my triathlons, no matter how long they are or how much I insist we need to be there by 5am so I can get the best spot in transition. He’s willing to sit through a 17 hour Ironman for me to reach my dreams.

    Isn’t it amazing to have built in cheerleaders?

    Congrats on seven years!

    1. Thanks! I know, I feel like he’s obviously going to come cheer me on at each race, but I’m really surprised by how seriously he takes his job sometimes. My sister and I ran Color Me Rad in May, and it was the weekend of his bachelor party. He was so upset he couldn’t make it! He was mostly concerned about who would take pictures for us which is really cute!

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