Labor Day Weekend!

So this is it:  the unofficial end of summer! This weekend my husband and I had lots of great plans for this weekend (see post below). Yesterday we went kayaking and hiking at French Creek State Park since I had a Groupon that was expiring soon. Unfortunately when we left the house it was SO HOT and humid!  We’ve only been kayaking once, and it was in Alaska, so we knew this would be a different experience, especially with the heat.


Kayaking to Aialk Glacier in Kenai Fjords National Park (in June!)

We had a blast kayaking through icebergs in Alaska, but we also had an experienced guide with us that day to make sure that we got back safely.  At French Creek, we were on our own. And surprisingly we did really well!  We stayed out for almost 2 hours despite the crazy heat.  It was really pretty out there, and it was a relaxing way to get in some exercise.


Paddling through the lily pads


I’m sore and a tiny bit sunburned today (no matter how much sunscreen I put on it always happens, I’m just too pale!) but I can’t wait to go again!  It was definitely a workout, but it was so much fun that I didn’t even notice how much I was working my muscles.  If you’ve never gone, I highly recommend trying it!

Today we had plans to go fishing in Lewes, DE, which is something we’ve wanted to do for a long time.  I was also excited because my favorite donut place on earth, the Fractured Prune, is in Rehoboth and we were definitely going to eat a few while we were down there.  But we got huge thunderstorms that cancelled our trip.  So we spent the day doing some Labor Day sale shopping at the outlets instead.  Under Armor had some sweet deals!  Tonight’s workout plan is to run on the treadmill while watching Teen Mom 3.  Reality TV shows always make treadmill running better!

How did you spend your labor day?

One thought on “Labor Day Weekend!

  1. I am so totally jealous of your trip to Alaska. It’s one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been and I’m dying to go back. And that’s awesome that you went kayaking! I’ve been trying to get motivated to do that for years.

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