Fabulous Friday!

It’s finally Friday again! Here are some reasons why this Friday is super fabulous: 1. The weather. Again. This will be a reason until we get a rainy or super cold Friday, so get used to it 🙂 2. I’m running my first “out of state” race tomorrow! It’s the Corn to Run 5k in … More Fabulous Friday!

What I’m Eating This Week: Trader Joe’s Edition

*Disclaimer:  there is nothing healthy in this post today.  If you’re offended by running bloggers that sometimes post about food with empty calories, turn away now!* Today I make a (supposedly) quick trip to Trader Joe’s, AKA the greatest store on earth.  I feel like I can go crazy and buy everything in there because … More What I’m Eating This Week: Trader Joe’s Edition

Weekend Recap

Hey everyone! I hope you all had a fun weekend! I’m so excited to FINALLY say that it’s fall! Friday: Andrew and I went to the Phillies game. We had 12th row seats on the first base line, which he chose because “you can see your favorite player from there”. Yep, he’s an awesome husband. … More Weekend Recap

Fabulous Friday!

It’s Fridaaaaaay! I’m so excited this week is over! Here’s why today is so fabulous: 1. The weather is perfect – 80 degrees and no humidity! My coworker and I got iced PSLs today because it’s so warm out. Sooooo yummy! 2. I’m not super sore from my run yesterday, which means I got to … More Fabulous Friday!

Forbidden Drive Run

Hey everyone!  Can you believe it’s already Thursday?  I was looking forward to camping this weekend with a lot of friends, but it looks like we have rain on the way  😦  I’ll have to find some other fun things to do instead! Between the cancelled camping trip and some work related stress, I was … More Forbidden Drive Run