Overpronate much?

So I’m a relatively newish runner, so I think I can get away with saying that for the longest time I had no idea that you needed special running shoes based on the way you run in order to be a successful runner. The first pair of shoes I ever ran in were Under Armor shoes that I bought in college from T.J. Maxx just in case I ever needed to do any cardio. I’m pretty sure they were not made for running, but they did the trick and got me through my first 5k. At that point, I realized that I should be wearing shoes specifically for running so that I wouldn’t get an injury, so I bought Nike Dual Fusion 2s on a pretty awesome sale from Kohls. They have been so good to me over the past year, and they are super comfortable (and crazy cute too!).


I get tons of compliments on the color!

Anyways, I’m about to start training for my fall races, and I’ve been thinking about getting new shoes.  And if they’re going to get me through my half marathon, I figured that I’d need to finally get fitted to make sure I buy the right kind of shoe for my foot. So last night I randomly decided to stop by Philadelphia Runner in Glen Mills. It was right before closing time, but an employee was nice enough to help me out. He had me take off my shoes and then walk barefoot on a treadmill while he took a video of my feet on an iPad. He actually stopped me after about 10 seconds and then showed me the video evidence: apparently, I overpronate when I run! In non-technical terms, this means that I roll my foot inward when I land. He said that 80% of runners overpronate, and I have a mild case. But I’m currently wearing the wrong type of shoe and I need to get stability shoes for my half marathon training. otherwise, I could become injured in the future. I was really glad I got fitted after hearing that! Because they were closing I didn’t get to try on any shoes, but he showed me how I can tell if a shoe is a stability shoe so that I could buy them anywhere. So today I went to Dick’s Sporting Goods, where I found myself in running shoe heaven. I tried on a bunch of pairs, but ultimately fell in love with the Mizuno Wave Inspire 9s!


They are ridiculously comfortable and they come in crazy colors! I can’t run in plain running shoes, I swear it slows me down! I didn’t pull the trigger since they cost a ton, but I’m thinking they might be my next shoe!  I also thought all the other stability shoes hurt, so I’m wondering how badly I actually overpronate.

Does anyone wear Mizuno stability shoes? Any recommendations? And if I buy new shoes now, will they still hold up through my half marathon in February?

6 thoughts on “Overpronate much?

  1. Thirteen years of running and I’ve never actually been professionally fitted. But the general rule on running shoes is six months or 500 miles, whichever comes first.

    1. It actually wasn’t as bad as I thought! I’m glad I went, there are so many cute neutral shoes that I would have bought but now that I know I need the extra support I’m going to make sure I get the right shoe. It looks like 6 months from now puts me right at my half marathon, so hopefully these will get me through it!

  2. As a fellow overpronator, I can tell you that I’ve been SUPER happy with my Mizuno Wave Inspires. I started with the 8s and now I’m rocking the 9s. Got fitted at my local running store and haven’t looked back. Oh wait, no, that’s not true. I tried Brooks for a hot second and then switched right back to my Mizunos. They are good stuff.

    I usually switch out shoes every six months or whenever I notice that I’m having pain/issues and realize that I’ve gone over the mileage. 🙂

    1. Thanks for giving me your thoughts on the shoe! It’s kind of scary dropping that kind of money on a shoe that I know I’ll need to replace soon, but I definitely don’t want to get injured! I think I might suck it up and buy them tonight, stay tuned!

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