My New Running Outfit!

So no run for me today – work wins again tonight. Instead we are having a relaxing night in watching The Fox and The Hound on Netflix. My husband has never seen it so I obviously had to change that! Anyways, when I came home today I had a package waiting for me: part of my Disney Princess Half Marathon costume! I realize that the race is 6 months away, but it’s my first half marathon and I’m getting really excited about it. It’s more fun to think about the costume right now instead of how many miles I have to run. Can you guess who I’m dressing up as?


Princess Ariel!

I’m not the kind of girl to run in a tutu, and there’s not many princesses that don’t wear dresses. And when my mom mentioned that I loved Ariel as a kid, I knew she was the perfect choice for my costume! I bought these pants off eBay for $3.75!


They’re scaly! (and shiny too!)

I’ve never worn anything quite as ridiculous as this in public, but there will be 26,000 other girls wearing crazy stuff with me! I may have to give these things a test run on the treadmill sometime soon. I also have to figure out the top half of my outfit, but I’ve got plenty of time for that!

Have you ever run a race in costume? Was it fun or did the costume slow you down?

4 thoughts on “My New Running Outfit!

  1. Fantastic! Love Ariel and love the pants. I can imagine they will be much easier to run in and you will stand out! I have been looking at ones from the same fabric on Etsy and they are CRAZY expensive. Definitely a good buy!

    1. Thanks! I always check ebay after I find something cute on Etsy – I’m not trying to spend a ton of money on pants with scales on them 🙂

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