Road Trip Running: Day 4

Hey everyone! Keeping this blog updated has been tricky while in Milwaukee, mostly because we are having a great time here! Yesterday we weren’t able to fit a run into our schedule, mostly because we spent most of the day either in traffic or waiting for my parents to get to the hotel so that we could check in. But I think we got a pretty good workout walking around Chicago!


The bean was my favorite part!

We also walked along the riverwalk and I got soooo jealous of all the awesome running trails there. Seriously, I need to come back and do a race here ASAP!


I had to restrain myself from running with all the runners we saw there, even though I was wearing ballet flats and a dress!

After driving 3 hours to Milwaukee and then waiting in the car another 2 hours for my parents to arrive due to traffic, it was dark our and we were starving. Boo. But today I made my parents promise that we could go down to Lake Michigan after moving my sister into her dorm room (which was seriously a workout on its own), and we ended up having just enough time to fit a run in before sunset!


My sister’s a walker, but even she was inspired to run a bit today!


The trail was soooo pretty. It was more park-like than in Chicago, with lots of trees and grass. Chicago had more sandy beach though, which is fun to run along.


Milwaukee at sunset!

One thing about the running trail was that there were tons of little bugs. For the last mile I was really pushing it, and I had bugs hitting me like every 3 seconds. I felt like a windshield! But despite the bugs, I finished my 3 mile run 3 minutes fast than my 5k time from 2 weeks ago! I can’t tell if it was the fact that I’ve been running more lately, or if the flat, breezy, humidity-free trail helped. I’m just happy that I’m improving! Tomorrow we go back to Philly, and I’m hoping I can do just as well on the hills at my usual running trail!

Overall, I got to run in 2 new states and had a blast on the road trip! I can’t wait to come back and run some races here. And if we’re being honest, I definitely ate back some of those calories back. My fav meal recommendation: if you are ever in Milwaukee, you have to go to Kopp’s! The ice cream is insaaaane, and their burgers are massive and crazy yummy!


4 thoughts on “Road Trip Running: Day 4

  1. Kristen! I just found your blog and I love it. I’ve kind of always hated running after being forced to by field hockey coaches who just seemed to hate us and chose running as the punishment, but I’ve also always thought it would be awesome to be a runner, so I’ve been working on it! I’d love to run a half marathon, and a few weeks ago I ran four miles, the longest I’ve done since high school, which felt great. Love hearing about your running adventures!

    1. Betsy!!!!! i have no idea how you found this thing, but definitely feel free to follow me! I’m kind of embarrassed to share this thing all over fb since I’m still such a beginner runner and because I was so slow back in high school! I’m not sure if you were on the field hockey team the year I threw up during one of our running practices (in front of the entire boy’s soccer team!) but after that I kind of avoided running for a while haha. I’m training for the Disney Princess Half Marathon in February, but I’m still really slow and terrible so I figured that blogging about my progress would keep me accountable. We should totally do a race together sometime!

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