Road Trip Running: Day 2

Greetings from Chicago! Today is day #2 of our Midwest road trip and we are having a blast! Update on day #1: we arrived in Pittsburgh super late but still had time to fit in some “dinner” at Eat N Park (I got their amazing grilled stickies of course) and then stopped on Mt. Washington for some killer views of the city.


I lived in Pittsburgh for almost 5 years and I miss this view so much!

Today we were hoping to go for a run before leaving the Burgh, but one of my friends that we were staying with told me that the buzzer at her apartment was broken so once one of us left, we were locked out for good. So we decided to go down to Pitt’s campus for some yummy breakfast at Pamela’s and to visit the campus for a bit.


Hail to Pitt!

Then we started off on our 7 hour journey to Chicago! We drove through 4 states to get there, and our main view was cornfields, so we were really excited to finally get to the city! When we got to our hotel, we realized how close it was to Lake Michigan, and we decided to go for a quick lakeside run even though the sun was about to set.


The views were amazing and I had a blast running along the lake and taking in the views!


A view of Navy Pier when I turned around on the trail.

It was a bit crowded and you really had to pay attention so that you wouldn’t run into anyone, but I still had an awesome time! I’m looking forward to running a race here in the future! Now we are back in our room getting ready for a lazy night in. We can’t wait to explore Chicago tomorrow!

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